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Important Dates

What are the quad dates for SBNM classes?

  • Fall 2019, Quad A: August 26–October 14
  • Fall 2019, Quad B: October 21–December 13
    2019 Winter Commencement: Friday, December 13
  • Spring 2020, Quad A: January 13–March 2
  • Spring 2020, Quad B: March 16–May 4
    2020 Spring Commencement: Saturday, May 9
  • Summer 2020, Quad A: May 11–June 27
  • Summer 2020, Quad B: June 29–August 15

Use the academic calendars below for a complete list of key dates.

When should I apply for graduation?

The Records Office must receive your application for graduation at least two quads in advance of your graduation date. All students must apply for graduation, even if you do not plan to participate in the commencement ceremony. Students are encouraged to contact their graduate advisor with questions about their status in the program and discuss remaining program requirements. Click here to complete the graduation application. Contact Tanya in Student Administrative Services at for questions about the graduation ceremony.

When should I apply for a graduate certificate?

Once you receive a grade for the fifth (final) course in your certificate program, you may complete the online certificate application to receive your certificate in the mail or pick it up at the SBNM office on campus.