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Academic Advising and Planning

The School of Business and Nonprofit Management provides the resources you need to plan your degree or certificate program to meet your educational and career goals. Use the links below to access planning tools and course schedules, find answers to common questions, and review important policies.

If you have any questions or need assistance in planning your graduate program, please contact Elise Gruneisen, Assistant Director of Retention, Assessment, and Advising, at She can assist you in developing an academic plan that supports your career and personal goals.

Class Schedules and Registration Assistance

Use these resources to access current class schedules, course syllabi, and instructions to register for classes.

Curricular Requirements

Track your degree and certificate requirements through the academic catalog and planning sheets specific to your program.

Important Dates

Access a list of upcoming course dates as well as information on when to apply for graduation or a certificate.

Attendance and Drop Policies

Review these important policies so you can successfully complete your graduate degree or certificate program.

Contact Your Graduate Advisor

Contact Elise Gruneisen, Assistant Director of Retention, Assessment, and Advising at, to get answers to your questions and develop an academic plan.