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Curricular Requirements

How can I track my degree program requirements?

Use the links below to find the academic planning sheet for your graduate degree program. You are encouraged to contact your advisor, Elise Gruneisen, to review your core requirements and elective options, and to receive an updated copy of your academic planning sheet.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Nonprofit Management (MNA)

Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM)

Master of Organizational Leadership (MOL)

Can I pursue a certificate along with my degree?

Yes! We encourage students to use their five elective classes toward a certificate. SBNM offers sixteen certificates, all of which require five courses or less, depending on the overlap of the classes required for your degree and certificate. Click here to view the list of certificates and required classes.

Note that some of our certificate classes are only offered once a year or once every other year so it’s important to be strategic in planning your schedule. Contact your graduate advisor to discuss course sequencing and the alignment of courses for your certificate and degree.

Once you receive a grade for your fifth course, complete the online certificate application to receive your certificate in the mail or pick it up on campus.

How can I track my certificate program requirements?

The best way to keep track of requirements for certificates you are pursuing is to verify the course requirements on the appropriate certificate webpage or in the academic catalog for the year you started, and compare the requirements to your unofficial transcript, which is always available through Self Service.

Once you’re completed the five courses for a certificate and received a grade for each of them, you can fill out the online certificate application to receive a paper certificate in recognition of completing the required courses.

I have an international student visa. What are my course-load requirements?

In most cases, international students are required to take four courses per semester in the Fall and Spring and can only take one of the four courses online. Typically, students take two courses in Quad A and two courses in Quad B to satisfy the four course/semester requirement. Students are encouraged to contact Sumie Song, Director of the International Office, at with questions about their visa status and course-load requirements.