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Nursing (BSN) Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Use knowledge of the Christian principles of the School of Nursing’s philosophy to develop caring relationship with self, patients, families, the community, as well as interprofessional team that confirm the intrinsic worth, dignity, and wholeness of all beings. (Domains 1, 6, 9 &10 QSEN PCC, team and collab.)
  2. Provide compassionate and professional nursing care to individuals, families, and communities, based on the integration of concepts, theory, and knowledge from nursing science, and liberal arts education to form the basis of clinical judgment and innovation in nursing practice. (Domains 1 & 2 QSEN EBP PCC)
  3. Demonstrate evidence-based, holistic person -centered care focused on the social determinants of health for the individual, family, and communities from prevention to disease management to provide spiritual, cultural, safe, quality, equitable, and inclusive care to diverse populations. (Domains 2, 3, 4 & 5 QSEN EBP QI Safety Quality)
  4. Demonstrate inquiry and analysis in applying patient care technologies and information systems to improve health and support safe quality nursing practice for the patient, family, community, and population in accordance with best practice and professional and regulatory standards. (Domains 1, 4, 5 & 8 QSEN Informatics)
  5. Demonstrate effective communication, collaboration, and coordination with the interprofessional care team and health care consumers within a complex system in accordance with health care policy to provide safe, quality, and equitable care to diverse populations. (Domains 2, 5, 6 & 7 QSEN Team and Collab, Safety, QI)
  6. Exhibit a professional nursing identity that incorporates ethical principles, values, attitudes, and characteristics that includes life-long learning. (Domains 9 &10 QSEN Safety)
  7. Employ leadership principles to promote collaboration with traditional and non-traditional partnerships from affected communities, public health, industry, academia, health care, local government agencies, and others for the improvement of equitable population health outcomes. (Domains 3, 4 & 10 QSEN Team and Collab, QI)