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Major Application Process

The North Park nursing major is an academically rigorous program offering outstanding clinical experiences. Admission is selective and not all students who apply are admitted. Students not admitted frequently consider biology, health sciences, psychology, or chemistry majors and pre-professional programs.

Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted to the nursing major at North Park University, you’ll need to meet the requirements below. The nursing faculty review your coursework, recommendations, test scores, and application before deciding on your acceptance status to the major. Acceptance is not guaranteed, even by meeting these requirements. We accept 48 students each fall (August) and spring (January) semester.


  • Cumulative GPA of 2.75* or better
  • Science GPA of 2.75 or better
  • Completion of prerequisite courses (see below) with a “C” or better (You may not repeat more than two prerequisite courses in order to meet this requirement, and only one of those may be a science.)
  • ATI academic preparedness level of “Proficient” on the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) exam
  • Recommendation form filled out by faculty member or health care professional addressing suitability for the nursing profession
  • Application to the nursing major (This must be completed during application meeting.)

* Transfer students who are admitted to the university with a transfer GPA below 2.75 or who have repeated more than two science courses at previous institutions will be required to take all remaining science prerequisite courses at North Park. If they do not need to take any science prerequisite courses then they are required take BIOL 2930: Advanced Human Physiology. This applies to students who start at the University in Fall 2015 and after. Students should review the policy with their advisor in their first academic program meeting.

Transfer Students

We welcome transfer students in the nursing program, however we give priority to students who have taken more courses at North Park since this allows us to better assess the education you have received. Most transfer students start nursing coursework within one year of starting classes at North Park.

Application Process

  1. Be admitted to North Park University.
    • First-year students: Apply
    • Transfer students: ApplyPlease note: A transcript evaluation is required to transfer courses to North Park University.
    • High-ability, first-year students have an early-admission option to the nursing program. Ask your recruiter for more information.
  2. If you are a first-year student, indicate nursing as your intended major when you register for your first semester of classes. You will be assigned an advisor from the nursing faculty. We recommend that you meet with your advisor early in your first semester to establish a relationship and discuss your plans.
  3. After your first semester, complete a Major Declaration Form (students may not declare a major until after their first semester). You will be assigned an undergraduate nursing advisor if you have not been yet. Remember to meet with your advisor every semester.
  4. Complete all of your prerequisites courses. You need to have taken or be enrolled in all courses when you apply for the nursing program (one full semester before your intended start). All courses much be completed with a “C” or better. Prerequisite courses include:
    • BIOL 1250: Introduction to Human Anatomy (4 credits)
    • BIOL 2930: Advanced Human Physiology (4 credits)
    • BIOL 1260: Introduction to Cell Biology (4 credits)
    • BIOL 2910: Microbiology (4 credits)
    • CHEM 1021: Survey of Organic Chemistry (2 credits)
    • CHEM 1031: Survey of Biochemistry (2 credits)
    • HSC 1490: Introductory Statistics (4 credits)
    • NPD 1000: First-year Core Curriculum Seminar (4 credits)
    • NURS 2540: Applied Nutrition or BIOL 2170: Topics, General Nutrition (2 credits)
    • NURS 2100: Survey of Professional Nursing (2 credits)
    • NURS 3240: Pathophysiology (2 credits)
    • PSYC 1000: Introduction to Psychology (4 credits)
    • PSYC 2700: Lifespan Human Psychology (4 credits)
    • SOC 1910: Introduction to Sociology (4 credits)
  5. Meet the admissions requirements above and apply to the nursing program during the semester before your intended start date. Please note your application must be completed with your advisor during your application meeting.