Undergraduate Programs

Credit Evaluation

Use the guide below for help in reading your Transfer of Credits Evaluation form, so you can be sure you are taking the courses to meet requirements you still need to fulfill at North Park University.

Transfer of Credits Evaluation Example

A. Core Curriculum Requirements

Carefully review North Park University’s Core Curriculum requirements.

B. Completed Requirement

An “X” in this box indicates that you have met this Core Curriculum course requirement through transfer credits, with the course(s) transferring listed next to it.

C. Unfulfilled Requirements

A section left blank in the Core Curriculum Requirements indicates that you have not fulfilled this area requirement.

D. Partially Fulfilled Requirements

Some Core Curriculum categories require more than one course to fulfill the requirement at North Park. If you are transferring credits that partially meet this requirement, the courses will be listed in the appropriate section, but there will not be an “X”, indicating that there are still parts of the requirement left to fill.

E. Transferred Credits

Your total number of credits accepted for transfer, which counts toward your total credit requirement for graduation from North Park University

F. Accepted/Entrance GPA

Your transfer GPA does not count toward your GPA at North Park University. This GPA is used for Admissions purposes only.

On the Back of the Evaluation

Major and Elective Courses

This section lists transferring courses that may count as elective credits or toward your major requirements. Explore the majors offered at North Park, and view academic planning guides for each major and pre-professional program of study.


Courses that are approved for transferring to North Park which do not meet a Core Curriculum requirement are listed as elective credits. To have them counted toward your intended or declared major at North Park, you must complete a Major Course Transfer Form.


Important Notes:

  • Documents that were submitted on your behalf from previous institutions were used to create this evaluation.
  • Current students can identify and contact their faculty advisors through the WebAdvisor system. New students must contact the Center for Student Engagement for this information via email or at (773) 244-5737.
  • North Park’s 60/90 rule limits credits transferred from a two-year college to 60 semester hours, and credits transferred from a bachelor’s degree-granting institution to 90 semester hours. Credits are transferred in chronological order.
  • Questions regarding credit evaluation should be directed to the Records Evaluator in Student Administrative Services via email or at (773) 244-4990.
  • The Evaluation Cover Sheet includes important notes regarding your evaluation. Please read this document carefully.