Undergraduate Programs

Declaring Your Major

North Park University encourages all undergraduates to declare a major by the end of their first year as a student. Students are invited to discuss their potential majors, as well as larger academic and life goals, with their assigned faculty advisors.


Students are eligible to declare their major after starting their first semester at North Park.

When do I use a major declaration form?

  • When declaring your major for the very first time.
    • Example: Change your official major from undeclared to BA in psychology
  • When changing your major.
    • Example: Changing from BS in nursing to BA in psychology
  • When adding on a second major to your previously declared program (double major).
    • Example: Adding BA in Spanish to go along with a BA in biology
  • Dropping a major.
    • Example: Dropping the BA in Spanish, but keeping BA in biology as your only major

Major Declaration Form