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Frequently Asked Questions

Use the information below to help you navigate questions that transfer students have at North Park.

North Park accepts up to 60 credits from a two-year college or 90 credits from a four-year college. Transfer of credit is evaluated chronologically; transfer of credit from a two-year college is limited to 60 semester hours. Credit for work completed beyond this total must be from a bachelor’s degree-granting institution. Transfer of credit from a bachelor’s degree-granting institution is limited to 90 semester hours. To read more about how credit is transferred see the Transfer of Credit Prior to Attending North Park section in the academic catalog.

Refer to the online guide for the Academic Evaluation. Contact Student Engagement with further questions.

The classes that you transferred in will be reflected on the Academic Evaluation. This will include all the classes that were eligible for transferring into North Park University. Classes that you would like to transfer must be sent to North Park on an official transcript.

You can also view your transfer credits and how they relate to your program requirements at North Park online through Student Planning in Self Service.

  • Some classes will be shown to meet core curriculum requirements.
  • Others that do not meet core curriculum requirements will be listed in the Other Courses section. Some of these classes may be able to count towards major classes once you declare your major. You must fill out a major course transfer form to receive credit towards your major, again, once it has been declared. If this process is not complete, the class will not be counted as elective credit.
  • Refer to the helpful guide for understanding an Academic Evaluation for more information.

The best way to review this information is online through Student Planning where you can see exactly what transfer courses have met the core curriculum program requirements. To see which of your transfer courses will meet your major requirements (once you have declared your major), use the View Sample Program feature on your My Progress screen in Student Planning.

You must fill out a Transfer of Major Course form. You will be required to list each of the courses for consideration. The signature of the department chairperson is required for each corresponding course. A copy of a course description or syllabus may be requested by the department.

New Students

You are eligible to register for classes after you have paid your tuition deposit. Begin at the New Student Registration site online and familiarize yourself with the information there. When ready, you can move onto the registration form in this section on which you will select classes you would like to take for the upcoming semester. As you complete the registration form please select This requirement is met through transfer credit as necessary. Determine what requirements you have completed by looking at your Acadmic Evaluation and finding the categories that are marked as complete.

For all remaining general education categories on the registration form, please choose your top course preferences. Student Engagement will work with you to complete your first-semester registration based on your final Academic Evaluation and your preferences on this form.

Current Students

Current students register for courses through Student Planning in Self Service. Learn more.

Quad classes are typically 2 credit classes and last for 7.5 weeks at a time. There are “A” quad classes which are offered the first 7.5 weeks of the fall and spring semesters and “B” quad classes which are offered the second half of the fall and spring semesters.

Prior to the start of your first semester at North Park, you will be assigned a faculty advisor who can assist you in planning your educational experience. You can email your faculty advisor through Student Planning in Self Service. Click into the Advising tab to contact your advisor.

This is the process of telling North Park what major you are pursuing. Acceptance into North Park University does not guarantee acceptance into the program that you are choosing to pursue as some majors (such as nursing) have additional requirements that students must meet. You can declare your major at North Park as long as you are in good academic standing. If you declare a major different from the intended major you indicated at enrollment you will be reassigned to a faculty advisor in the correct department.

Student groups, including SGA, the student government organization on campus, use a service called myNPU-Engage to announce and promote campus organizations and activities in which you can participate. You can log into myNPU-Engage using your North Park username and password, after you have set up your account with IT.

CAB and First Year Experience are two programs designed to get you connected quickly during your transition to North Park, and University Ministries is a great way to connect with faith-based service and discipleship opportunities. Additionally, the Office of Diversity is home to many of our cultural clubs and social advocacy groups.

Yes! Students who live off campus are welcome and encouraged to join North Park University’s many clubs and events for student.

The Campus Life and Services section of the website is designed to give you an overview of the many facets of North Park’s campus, and a quick connection to everything you need. Student Engagement is another resource for you located on the first floor of the Johnson Center. Come visit!

You can purchase a parking pass online. After purchasing your pass online, you can pick-up the pass at Campus Safety. Learn more. This permit allows you to park in one of several University parking lots. Refer to the campus map to see your choices.

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