Financial Aid and Tuition

Frequently Asked Questions About Billing

North Park University will no longer be mailing paper statements.  All correspondence about your bill will be sent to your North Park email account.  You can monitor your student account online through Self-Service,

Charges for tuition, room and board, lab and other course fees, health insurance (if applicable), and any other charges that you have incurred will be on your bill.

The first electronic bills for the fall semester are generated in early July to students who have preregistered. We start generating bills in mid-December to students that are preregistered for the spring term. You will receive electronic billing notifications to your North Park email account every month thereafter if you have an outstanding balance on your account. You can always view your bill online through Self-Service,

Traditional undergraduate students who have not made payment arrangements by the tuition due date will be assessed a $50 late payment fee. All accounts that have an outstanding balance and are not on a payment plan will be assessed a 1.5% per-month late payment fee.

You will not be able to adjust your schedule, register for future terms, request your transcripts, and/or receive your diploma until you have made sufficient payment arrangements on your student account.

A business-office hold will be put on your account if you have an outstanding balance and have not made any payment arrangements. Please contact Student Administrative Services to discuss your payment options and plans.

North Park University does not offer deferred Employer Reimbursement as a student account payment option. If you receive this employment benefit, you are welcome to participate in the program with your employer directly. However, your payment due date will not be deferred. If you need to submit documentation to your employer regarding your course schedule, grades, charges, etc., Student Administrative Services will continue to provide this information upon your request. Contact (773) 244-5560 or

It depends on what type of class you’d like to drop (semester vs. quad class) and when you are dropping it. Review our refund policies to get an idea about your charges. In addition, you should contact the Financial Aid Office to see if your aid will be impacted if you change your registration.

While work-study is a financial aid award for traditional undergraduate students, it does not appear on your bill. Instead, you will be paid every two weeks for the hours that you have worked. You can use your earned funds for whatever you’d like, including directing them toward your bill.

Yes. Payments can be made online through Self Service. You can also view your up-to-date financial aid and billing information online through Self Service.

If you need help navigating the Student Finance Module in Self Service, we have an illustrated set of instructions to help you out as well as this brief video tutorial about online payments.

All domestic traditional undergraduate students will automatically be enrolled in a payment plan. Rather than one due date at the start of the term for your entire balance, your balance due will be divided equally into monthly payments for a small fee of $30/semester. Students who are registered on July 1 will have plans that start July 15 and will run through December 15, giving you six months to pay off your fall charges. However, those students that register later will have shorter plans.  If the balance is paid in full by August 15, we will reverse the $30 plan fee. Students with college savings plans will have their fees reversed once their balances are paid in full.

There are many reasons why you won’t see your full financial aid on your bill.

Review your financial aid checklist and/or required documents information in Self Service to find out more information about what might be impacting your aid eligibility.