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Financial Aid and Tuition

Financial Aid Appeals

You may request reconsideration of your financial aid award through North Park University’s financial aid appeal process. If you can document a significant change in your family’s financial circumstance, or if you believe there are special circumstances that were not considered in your initial awarding, we welcome the opportunity to revisit your/your family’s financial situation and financial aid eligibility.

Appropriate reasons for us to revisit the information on your FAFSA and/or financial aid package could include:

  • Unemployment or change of job
  • Death of a parent/spouse
  • Out of pocket medical expenses
  • Change in marital status for you/your parent.

Students who appeal will need to complete the verification process and potentially submit additional documentation to support the reason for appeal.  In order for us to determine whether or not those steps would be necessary, please complete the Financial Aid Appeal Intent Form so that we can determine how best to assist you going forward.  Please submit the completed appeal form to financialaid@northpark.edu.

Even if you submit a financial aid appeal, you may not receive additional financial aid.

Waiting on any financial aid decisions or appeals does not excuse the student from keeping current on their payment plan.