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Financial Aid and Tuition

Financial Aid Process

We provide a tuition rate that reflects the cost of attending the University, without inflating prices to make our financial aid packages seem larger.

We understand that part of choosing a college is figuring out how to pay the bill, often through a combination of personal contributions, scholarships, loans, grants, and other sources.

The financial aid process for all programs at North Park begins with your application for admission. Here, you’ll provide information about your academic background, talents, affiliations, and plans that will help us identify what institutional aid—such as scholarships and grants—we will be able to offer.

If you are a United States citizen or eligible non-citizen, you should also fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is the best way for North Park to get a complete picture of your financial situation in order to offer you the best financial aid package we can.

A financial aid package usually contains different types of financial aid from multiple sources. Its objective is to help you cover the cost of attending college.

If you have been accepted at North Park, a package will be created for you. The award letter you receive will outline the best financial aid package North Park University can provide for you based on your test scores, GPA, talent scholarship applications, and FAFSA information.

While it will likely not cover your full cost of attending North Park, we can offer you information on other options you may have for additional loans or a payment plan.

You’ll receive a new financial aid package only for your first year. For subsequent years, the same awards will stand, in the same amounts.

For example, if you qualify for an academic scholarship when you enroll the first time, you’ll continue to receive that scholarship at the same amount each year. The only variations may be in the amounts of student loans you are eligible to borrow.

Any financing that you plan to receive from private organizations or groups—such as outside scholarships or private loans—won’t be included in your package from North Park. If you plan on using veteran’s benefits, these cannot be applied until you complete the necessary paperwork with the Veterans Administration (VA).

The U.S. Department of Education also provides general resources and information about student aid options. Learn more at www.studentaid.gov.

You may request reconsideration of your financial aid award through North Park University’s financial aid appeal process.

Calculating Cost and Estimating Aid

How much financial aid do you need? How much will you qualify for? Here are some tips and a helpful calculator to help you figure it out.

Applying for Aid FAFSA

Learn how to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. (North Park’s federal school code is 001735.)

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Eligibility for Financial Aid

Are you eligible to receive financial aid from North Park? From the federal government? How do you maintain eligibility?

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