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Undergraduate Admissions

Additional Details for Transfer Students

As a transfer student, you may have completed some of the courses listed on the new-student registration form. Please make sure that you have submitted all your college transcripts to North Park University so that we can generate an official Academic Evaluation for you.

Review your transfer course information and other program requirements online through Student Planning in Self Service. If you have questions about the information that you see in Student Planning, please contact Student Engagement.

In addition, please make sure you’ve reviewed the details on the Transfer Student Resources page and review our transfer credit policies.

Understanding Your Academic Evaluation

Use the guide below for help in reading your Academic Evaluation, so you can be sure you are taking the courses to meet requirements you still need to fulfill at North Park University. You can also view this information online through Student Planning in Self Service.



All incoming students have a program of BA.UNDECLARED. Once you have completed at least one semester at North Park, you can declare your major.


The program requirements associated with each academic program are documented in the academic catalog. You are assigned to the catalog that was in place at the time of your initial enrollment at North Park. Even if the program requirements change, you only have to meet the requirements that were in place as of your catalog year.

Anticipated Completion Date:

The standard length of time to complete a bachelor’s degree at North Park is four years, so this date will default to four years after you initially enrolled at North Park. It is by no means meant to indicate your actual graduation date.

Program Summary:

Your total number of transfer credits will be displayed as Overall Credits. The Current Remaining and Anticipated Remaining columns will show the number of credits that you still need to earn in order to complete your degree (a minimum of 120 credits is required to earn a Bachelor’s Degree at North Park). Your transfer GPA is only used for the purposes of admission.

Program Requirements:

  1. Core Curriculum Requirements: These are the requirements that must be completed by all North Park students seeking a degree at North Park. If a transfer course has met one of these requirements, the requirements will be listed as “complete” and the transfer course will be noted underneath the requirement. It will be associated with the term in which you entered and have a grade of “T” for “transfer.” The Note of “TE” simply means that the requirement was met by a transfer equivalency.
  2. Required Designations Catalog: Designated ethics and writing courses that are most often taken within your major.
  3. Other Courses: Courses that transferred into North Park, but don’t meet a core curriculum requirement will be listed here. Once you declare your major, you may need to complete a Transfer of Major Courses Form so that the appropriate courses are tied to a major requirement. Courses that do not meet a core or major requirement will remain here as elective credits.

If you have questions about your Evaluation of Transfer Credit, please contact Student Engagement at 773-244-5737 or