Undergraduate Admissions

Additional Details for Transfer Students

As a transfer student, you may have completed some of the courses listed on the new-student registration form. Please make sure that you have submitted all your college transcripts to North Park University so that we can generate an official Evaluation of Transfer Credit for you.

Use your Evaluation of Transfer Credit and an academic planning guide for your major to assist you in making appropriate selections on the course registration form. If you do not have an Evaluation of Transfer Credit, please contact Student Engagement and we will send you a copy.

In addition, please make sure you’ve read all the details on the new student registration page and review our transfer credit policies.

Understanding your Evaluation of Transfer Credit

Your Evaluation of Transfer Credit is a two-page document that indicates the academic credit accepted by North Park University from your previous institutions.

Cover Page

This page provides an overall summary of transfer coursework. On this page you will find:

  • Total accepted credit hours
  • Admissions grade point average (GPA). This GPA is used for entrance purposes only. Once you start at North Park, your GPA resets to 0.00 and only the courses taken after enrolling will be calculated in your North Park overall and major GPA.
  • Evaluation Notes and Comments: Please read all the notes and comments marked on the cover page. If your evaluation is marked as unofficial, you must have a final official transcript sent to North Park University. You will not receive your transfer credits until your evaluation has been fully evaluated and is marked official.

Please review the guide to understanding your cover page for additional help.

List of Courses Accepted

This second page is a breakdown of the courses North Park agrees to accept in transfer. On this page you will find:

Core Curriculum Requirements

Your transfer coursework may meet some Core Curriculum requirements. Completed Core Curriculum categories will have an “X” in the box to the left of the category on your evaluation. When completing the course registration form, please select “This requirement is met through transfer credit.” For all remaining Core Curriculum categories, choose your top three course preferences.

Major and Elective Courses

  • Major Courses: If you believe you have taken a course that will meet requirements for your major, you will need to complete a Transfer of Major Courses form. This form will need to be signed by the department in which you intend to study, and can be completed during your first few weeks of classes at North Park.
  • Elective Courses: Courses that do not fulfill a Core Curriculum and/or major requirement will be considered elective credits and apply towards the total credit hours you need for graduation.

We have created a visual guide to help you understand this form.

If you have questions about your Evaluation of Transfer Credit, please contact Student Administrative Services by email or at (773) 244-5560.