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Good Samaritan Policy

As members of this community, students have a responsibility to each other. Students should take active steps to protect the safety and well-being of each member of our community.

Students are sometimes reluctant in mental health, alcohol and/or drug-related emergencies to seek medical attention on behalf of themselves or another student out of fear that they (or the other student) may face sanctions. This reluctance may result in potentially life-threatening situations. North Park seeks to reduce barriers to obtaining needed assistance and create a culture of trust, care, safety, and responsibility.

To encourage students to obtain the help they or their fellow students need without fear of disciplinary penalty or retribution, this Good Samaritan/Medical Amnesty Policy has been adopted. This policy may be invoked by the person in need of assistance and by the person calling for assistance. Neither student will be charged with violating University policy prohibiting the use or possession of drugs or alcohol as a result of reporting alcohol and/or other drug-related emergencies to the proper authorities (9-1-1, Residence Life and Housing staff, Campus Security Officers), for the purpose of seeking medical or safety assistance.

This policy refers to isolated incidents only. It does not:

  • excuse or protect those who flagrantly or repeatedly violate the North Park Community Standards;
  • preclude disciplinary action regarding other violations of Community Standards, such as causing or threatening physical harm, sexual abuse, damage to property, harassment, or hazing; or
  • prevent action by local and state authorities.