Picture of North Park Seminary Cupola in Chicago

Seminary Academics

In order to provide quality distance learning options to our graduate students, the Seminary has developed several course formats from which you can choose.


These semester-long classes are taught through our web-based classroom system, and allow you to interact with your professors and classmates on a schedule that fits into your life. There are no face-to-face components required in these courses, though you may need to complete group projects that require phone or video conferencing. Access to reliable technology, including an internet connection, is a must to complete online coursework successfully. Learn more about North Park’s online course system.


Intensive courses are generally one- or two-week classes that take place on our Chicago campus, typically in January or the summer. Language courses are offered as six-week summer intensives. These classes may require reading in advance of the class meeting, and papers or projects to complete following the intensive session. However, most of the work is done in four- or eight-hour class sessions together with your professor and classmates. When you travel to Chicago for a week-long intensive, you will typically not have time to do much else.

Intensive Hybrid

These courses blend the online and intensive in-person formats to provide the best of both worlds. Typically semester-long classes, you will complete some assignments through our online course system before gathering with your professor and classmates for an intensive three-to-five day class session. Following this time together, you’ll have more assignments and work to finish out the semester from your home location. Intensive hybrid courses may be offered during the academic year or summer, and in-person sessions may be on our Chicago campus or at one of our West Coast regional locations.


Our campus in Chicago offers in-person courses in fall, January, spring, and summer terms. Some are full semesters, others may be intensive. Each degree requires a certain portion of your credits to be earned through in-person classes in Chicago. Many students are able to complete this requirement only through intensives, but you may also choose to move to Chicago for one semester or one year to take semester-long classes in order to accelerate your degree program or get the full experience of studying at North Park Theological Seminary.