North Park Theological Seminary is located on the same campus as North Park University, in Chicago’s Albany Park and North Park neighborhoods. The earliest archived photos show fields, dirt roads, and few houses near our campus. Chicago has changed dramatically since we moved into the neighborhood in the 1890s, and we’ve intentionally stayed in place, growing with the new opportunities that our vibrant city provides.

North Park finds itself in one of the most diverse zip codes in the nation (60625); we welcome our neighbors onto our campus and also reach out to serve and learn from them. Through engaging our neighborhood and city, North Park students of all ages enrich our campus life and build important connections to the diverse people of Chicago whose roots extend around the globe. More than 40 languages are spoken in neighborhood homes and schools. There are more food options than you can imagine, including Mexican, Swedish, Filipino, Lebanese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese restaurants—not to mention burgers, pizza, and sandwiches—all within walking distance of campus.

Whether you commute or live on campus, studying at North Park will help you be immersed in Chicago: you’ll walk through local neighborhoods, hop on buses or trains to explore the city, and participate in learning opportunities at churches and ministries across the city. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of our neighborhood, balanced with the unique experiences that come with close-knit community life.

Chicago is also a setting for students, faculty, and staff grow deeper into their faith practices. As a city of neighborhoods, there are many opportunities to listen to others’ stories and to experience empathy, compassion, and understanding in new ways. As a Seminary, we continue to examine the nature of—and participate in—urban ministry, learning from the ways God moves in and through the city and its residents.

Chicago campus