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Graduate Student Housing Guidelines


Housing for graduate students at the university, including the North Park Theological Seminary, in the university-owned housing units and duplexes (“housing units” or “Graduate Student Housing”) is offered on a first-come first-served basis. Over the years, the university has expanded its commitment to creating attractive, livable spaces for students and families as needed. All graduate student housing is on campus or within a short walk of the campus.

Application & Assignment

Students must apply online for graduate student housing following acceptance to a graduate program at North Park University or North Park Theological Seminary. Incoming students have the opportunity to request specific housing units on the housing application. Assignments are made on a first-come first-served basis, according to the time of application, desired size of unit, and availability. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests when assignments are made.

Graduate Student Housing falls under the purview of the Division of Student Engagement and is overseen by the Office of Residence Life and Housing. Graduate Student Housing is first and foremost made available to degree-seeking graduate students. After meeting the needs of the students enrolled in graduate programs at the university, housing units may be allocated for usage among the degree-seeking undergraduate student population of the University. On rare occasions, available housing units may be utilized for other purposes only after approval by the Director of Residence Life and Housing.

Qualifications for Graduate Student Housing 

The applicant must be a degree-seeking full-time graduate student, taking a minimum of 6 credits per semester or 12 credits over a calendar year — OR — the applicant is a degree-seeking full-time undergraduate student and has received permission from the Director of Residence Life and Housing.

Limits of Campus Housing Eligibility

The maximum duration of stay in Graduate Student Housing is limited according to the student’s degree program.

    1. MDiv — 5 years
    2. MACF — 4 years
    3. MATS — 4 years
    4. MACM — 3 years
    5. DMIN — 3 years
    6. Diploma — 2 years
    7. Dual-Degrees — Add 1 Year
    8. DEMSN — 20 months
    9. MSAT — 2 years
    10. Other Graduate Programs — 2–3 years depending on the program