Degree Candidacy Evaluation

The Degree Candidacy Evaluation takes place when you are nearing the one-third mark of completing your degree program, usually in the spring semester of the first year for on-campus students. You will be assigned a two-member faculty team who will evaluate you academic performance, his or her interaction with faculty and peers in conjunction with formal learning goals, the student's entrance essays, and a reflection paper prepared for the evaluation.

The purpose of the Degree Candidacy Evaluation is to:

  • Ascertain whether or not you have a realistic view of your academic abilities
  • Assist you in reflecting on and evaluating your capacities in relation to ministry
  • Pinpoint areas where growth is needed

Following this evaluation process, if appropriate, the faculty committee will recommend you to the entire faculty for candidacy in your degree program. You will be informed of this decision and then have the opportunity to decide either to proceed with further studies or to terminate studies at the end of the current semester.

Distance Learning Students

The timeline of completion for online learners and part-time students will vary, depending on your schedule of coursework. You should contact Seminary Student Services to make arrangements for all testing and evaluation requirements early in your degree program. The Seminary makes every effort to offer options for each area several times throughout the year so that you can participate in necessary meetings and interviews when you are on campus for intensive courses.

Degree Candidacy