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Seminary Academics

Vocational and Psychological Assessment

Midwest Ministry Development Assessment

North Park Theological Seminary partners with Midwest Ministry Development (MMD) to provide a variety of assessments which help to evaluate students’ psychological readiness for ministry. Together with the church, we recognize the need for wholeness and health while serving in vocational ministry, and hope this process will help all our students start or continue down this path in anticipation of where their Seminary education may lead. These assessments are completed as pre-work for the Vocational Excellence course. You will take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2, as well as completing other written autobiographical, medical, theological, and behavioral items. You will then have the opportunity to process the results of your assessments, both in a small peer group and individually with a counselor from MMD during Vocational Excellence (VE).

The results of your assessments and your conversation with MMD counselors are kept confidential, except in a general report released to the Seminary Pastoral Care Committee. This may include a recommendation for ways in which you can proactively address any issues that arise during the assessment process. The dean will assist you in finding the resources you need, including providing recommendations for counselors, training, or other resources.

The assessment process is done at the request of the Evangelical Covenant Church, for the purpose of better preparing men and women for future ministry.  The cost of the Midwest Ministry evaluation is $425 and will be billed to the student’s account once registered for VE.

Intercultural Development Inventory

As the Seminary strives to prepare women and men who are confident in their ministry skill across cultures and geographies, we also ask you to complete the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) when you enter North Park. This assessment is a 50-item, theory-based instrument that measures your intercultural competence. You’ll be asked to refer to your own results throughout your Seminary program, looking for ways that you can develop your skill and understanding in this area.

The IDI works in conjunction with the cultural competency module of your Field Education component. You’ll take it again when you register for this module, typically in your last year at North Park Theological Seminary. In this experience, you’ll participate in a small group discussion to reflect on your intercultural development and experiences, as well as how you will incorporate further learning throughout your life in ministry.