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Alumni Profile: Anthony Isla

Anthony Isla, School of Adult Learning Alumnus


Anthony attended college in the 1990s, but stopped to work full-time when the dot-com industry grew. Having a degree in management information systems to back up his information technology experience has given him more options for advancement, he says.

He works in IT with the Chicago Police Department, and tells his colleagues about the School of Professional Studies whenever he can. “I’ve had this conversation with numerous people,” he says. “I’ve always recommended North Park as a route to go to if you want to finish your degree.” Most need college degrees to advance in the department.

As a husband and father of three, Anthony found that his professors were very much aware of his family and work responsibilities. “They were understanding of the circumstances of an adult student,” he says. That flexibility, combined with academic rigor, is what Anthony believes the program special. “It’s more challenging than other adult programs. If you want to learn something, I definitely think the School of Professional Studies is the way to go,” he says. “I’m a big advocate for North Park.”