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At the North Park University School of Professional Studies (SPS), earning your bachelor of arts (BA) degree requires you to complete 120 total semester hours of credit:

  • 8 hours of professional studies core courses
  • 44 hours of general education courses (all 44 hours may be fulfilled in transfer)
  • 40 hours of major coursework (up to 20 hours may be fulfilled in transfer)
  • 28 hours of elective courses (all 28 hours may be fulfilled in transfer)


All SPS students are asked to choose a major area of study. These seven majors are designed to build job-ready skills for a broad range of careers in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors.

Business Administration

By learning the core principles of finance, marketing, and management, you will be well-prepared for graduate study in business, or management roles within corporate or nonprofit organizations. Business administration majors graduate with strong communication and presentation skills, the ability to effectively manage resources and analyze financial statements, and the capacity to lead organizational change.

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Counseling Psychology

This major is particularly valuable for students considering careers in government social services agencies, private human services agencies, mental health organizations, or graduate programs in social work or clinical psychology. Courses in this major address normal human development, mental illness, and principles of counseling diverse populations. There is also a hands-on practicum, where counseling psychology majors can use their newly acquired skills to help real clients.

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Digital Marketing

Are you interested in leading the digital revolution as a social media manager, digital strategist, or SEO specialist – all while earning your undergraduate degree? Organizations are actively recruiting to fill their talent shortages. This degree will provide graduates with plentiful job prospects and a fulfilling career. North Park is one of the first universities in Illinois to offer a major in digital marketing. With a network of Chicago-based business, the Office of Career Advancement will work one-on-one with students to obtain internships and job placement in this coveted field.

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Nonprofit Management

North Park has one of the strongest nonprofit management programs in Chicago. As a nonprofit management major, you will learn how to apply solid business sense and sound leadership skills to any kind of nonprofit organization, from private foundations to arts advocacy groups to faith-based initiatives. Courses include effective nonprofit governance and volunteer management, economic decision-making, financial management, and building public and financial support for nonprofits.

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Organizational Management and Leadership

This is an excellent major for students considering graduate study in business, management, human resources, or nonprofit management. The coursework in this major is designed to develop effective skills for successfully leading people, departments, and entire organizations. Classes include understanding group and organizational behavior, assessing leadership skills, and managing change and conflict.

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Supply Chain Management

A bachelor’s degree in supply chain management brings together concepts from finance, economics, and logistics. Courses equip students with skills in these areas and build organizational, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. Most industries need experts in supply chain management to help plan and guide their logistics programs. Students will learn supply management through simulated applications, case analyses, and special projects, and will gain hands-on experience integrating supply chain management concepts to optimize business performance outcomes.

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Add a second concentration and skill set to your resume by pursuing an academic minor. For a minor to appear on your SPS transcript, you need to take between 20 and 22 semester hours in one of the five programs below. In most cases, you won’t have to complete more than 120 semester hours to earn a minor. Your academic advisor can help you choose the best courses to graduate on time. We offer minors in:

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