Undergraduate Programs


First floor of Brandel Library / Tutoring Hub.

The SI sessions are held in different class rooms in the Johnson Center. You can find the schedule here: https://www.northpark.edu/wp-content/uploads/18S2-SI-Sessions-1.pdf 

Email academicengagement@northpark.edu if you have any further questions about the schedule.

They are led by trained student tutors recommend by faculty members.  Students participating in tutoring will have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss reading assignments, and develop organizational and study skills.

We offer tutoring for first year Core Curriculum courses. If your course does not offer tutoring, you can email academicengagement@northpark.edu with your questions.

North Park offers exams in French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish prior to the beginning of each semester. Those exams are free of charge and may be taken one time per language.

If the language you know is not offered at North Park, you can arrange to be tested by a qualified person at another four-year university. Students may not use a community college, community center, church, or relative to administer a proficiency test, and students are responsible for all processing test fees.

Learn more about how to take the exam.

Fill out this form to register for a placement exam in any language.

Professors in the respective courses send recommendations to Academic Services Department.  Once the department receives the recommendation, the Tutoring Assistant will send the student an application and supplemental materials.

All tutoring and supplemental instruction sessions are free of charge.

Challenge exams are typically held at the beginning of the semester.  Dates are posted on the Academic Support web page and in student weekly announcements.

Learn more about placement exams.