Undergraduate Programs

Workshop Videos and Handouts

Find links to the materials we use in the Writing Center or as part of in-class workshops offered by writing adivsors (WAs) or Writing Center faculty and staff, as well as our growing number of workshop videos. Note that the advantage of synchronous or in-class workshops is getting WAs, instructors, and students together in one virtual room to collaborate. Instructors are welcome to facilitate these workshops independently, but this sidesteps the collaborative benefit.

How to Initiate a Drop-in Conference

Watch this video to learn how to connect with a Writing Advisor for a drop-in conference.

What to Expect in the Writing Center

Not sure what happens in a drop-in or course conference? Watch this video for a model. This video is also great for faculty to embed in their Canvas courses to prepare students for working with their Writing Advisors or using the Writing Center.

APA Style Workshop

Have questions about APA format? This video explains the purpose of APA format, how to create an APA bibliography, and how to create in-text citations in APA. You can also refer to our handout.

Chicago Style

New to Chicago Manual of Style? Watch this video for an introduction to Chicago Style essay formatting. In this video, you will be introduced to the basics of formatting a Chicago Style bibliography, as well as in-text citations. You can also refer to our handout.

Editing and Proofreading


Workshop materials

Fixing Run-on Sentences

Struggling to properly punctuate long sentences? Watch this video to learn several ways to fix run-on sentences. This video will also teach you how to use coordinating conjunctions, subordinating conjunctions, and conjunctive adverbs. You can also refer to our handout and workshop materials.

Fixing Sentence Fragments

Not sure what makes a sentence complete? Watch this video to learn how identify and avoid fragment sentences. You can also refer to our handout and workshop materials. 

Thesis Statements

Not sure how to start crafting a thesis? Check out this video to learn about what a thesis is—and isn’t. This video will take you through a step-by-step method of developing a strong, central thesis for your essay. You can also refer to our handout and workshop materials.

Understanding Essay Prompts

Having trouble starting your essay? Check out this video to learn some strategies for understanding your essay prompt. This video will discuss how prompts can vary and what steps you can take to successfully understand your writing prompt, as well as provide you with some example-based practice from North Park University writing assignments. You can also refer to our handout.