Undergraduate Programs

How to Start a Drop-in Conference

The Writing Center will open for drop-in conferencing September 13 with both in person and online options. For in person conferencing, visit us on the first floor of Brandel Library, room 123. For online conferencing, do the following:

  1. Click here to see which WAs are on duty. Be ready to share writing you’re working on, the prompt, etc. and talk with your WA in real time. The Writing Center is a “drop in” center but not a “drop-off center.” In other words, you cannot send us your paper and expect us to send it back later with feedback.
  2. Send an email or MS Teams chat message to the drop-in WA(s) that says “I am ready for a conference.”
  3. Once you and the WA connect, you can decide to continue the conference on Microsoft Teams or a mutually-agreed-upon alternate platform such as looking at the same document you emailed together while talking on the phone.
  4. Click here to sign in once you’ve started your drop-in.
  5. Need help? Try our “How to Initiate a Drop-in Conference” video on our Handouts and Workshop Videos page.
  6. Looking for a WA who’s knowledgeable about a certain subject? View our WAs’ subject specialties. 

Are you a graduate/SPS student? WAs can serve as sympathetic first readers for graduate/SPS students during drop-in hours, working on higher order concerns such as interpreting prompts, paper organization and development, or checking citation format. WAs may direct graduate students back to their professors if asked content-based questions they don’t feel qualified to answer or to Melissa Pavlik for grammar/ESL concerns.