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Financial Aid and Tuition

School of Music, Art, and Theatre Tuition and Fees

Students in the master of music in vocal performance (MMVP) and master of music in collaborative piano (MMCP) programs benefit from a straightforward per-credit-hour tuition rate, which includes all course fees.

  • Tuition is $930 per semester hour.
  • The MMVP and MMCP degrees are designed to be completed in two years of full-time study. Students should also plan for slight per-credit-hour cost increases over their course of study.
  • North Park may bill you for a few other fees; see the table below.
  • Your only additional costs for courses will be for books, materials, lessons, and accompanists that you will arrange on your own. These costs can vary depending on what courses or lessons you need to take, how you obtain textbooks, and a variety of other factors.

Administrative and Other Fees

Finance Charge 1.5% assessed monthly on past-due balances
Graduation Fee $150
Lesson Accompanist Fee $30-45 per hour (arranged by the student)
Evening/Saturday Student Parking Sticker $50 per semester
Comprehensive Fee $14 per credit hour
Transcript Fee $6 per copy/$10 same day copy

Cost Calculation Example

Every student is unique in the number of courses they will take, what financial aid they can access, and tuition per credit hour typically changes from year to year. However, as a starting point, if you were to complete the MMVP or MMCP program at North Park and pay full price (no tuition reduction scholarships, grants, etc.) your total cost could be estimated as follows:

  • The MMVP and MMCP degrees are 36 semester hour programs.
  • At this year’s tuition rate ($930 per credit hour), a load of 8–10 semester hours would cost $7,440–$9300.
  • The MMVP and MMCP are designed to be completed in two years of full-time study. Adjusting for slight per-credit-hour cost increases over time, a tuition cost range could be $34,000 to $37,000 for a degree program.

Remember that these costs may be lowered by financial aid packages. Graduate music students may qualify for a merit-based graduate music scholarship based on their audition and interview. Learn more.