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Financial Aid and Tuition

School of Nursing and Health Sciences Tuition and Fees

School of Nursing and Health Sciences students benefit from a straightforward per-credit-hour tuition rate for a high-quality, well-respected program that can help you advance your nursing career.

  • Tuition in the direct entry master of science in nursing (DEMSN) program is $860 per credit hour.
  • Graduate tuition in the master of science in nursing is $835 per credit hour.
  • Graduate tuition in the nurse practitioner program (post-master’s and doctorate) is $835 per credit hour.
  • Tuition in the master of athletic training program (MSAT) is $775 per credit hour.
  • North Park may bill you for a few other fees; see the table below.
  • Your only additional costs will be for books and materials not billed to you by North Park. These costs can vary depending on what courses you need to take, how you obtain textbooks, and a variety of other factors. Students in the MSAT program may expect additional costs associated with their application process and program requirements.

Administrative and Other Fees

Finance Charge 1.5% assessed monthly on past-due balances
Graduation Fee $150
DEMSN Lab Fees for NURS 5250, 5311, 5321, 5331, 5341, 5380 $250 per course
Fitzgerald Package NURS 5510 $649
DEMSN Hospital Onboarding Fee for NURS 5311, 5341 $40 per 12 months
DEMSN ATI Fee $605 per semester
MSN Lab Fees for NURS 5030, 5515, 5531, 5540, 5571, 5561, 5621, 5781, 5791 $200 per course
Parking Sticker:

Commuter Parking Sticker

Evening/Saturday Student Parking Sticker


$100 per semester

$50 per semester

Technology Fee $10 per credit hour
Transcript Fee $6 per copy/$10 same day copy