Undergraduate Admissions

Scandinavian Students

North Park University awards students who complete high school in Scandinavian countries up to 30 semester hours (1 year) of credit for course work completed in high school. Students who enter North Park with 30 hours of this credit begin their studies as second year (sophomore) students. For these students, most degrees can be completed in three years, with some exceptions that include majors in athletic training, music education, and nursing.

Testing Requirement

Submission of SAT, ACT, or TOEFL test results is optional for Scandinavian students. However, North Park tests all new international students, including Scandinavian students, for English competency during new student orientation before the start of classes. Based on the results of that testing, students may be required to take specific courses in English designed to increase their capabilities and likelihood of success at North Park.

Transcript Evaluation and Transfer Credit

North Park staff evaluates transcripts for students from Scandinavian secondary schools. Students do not need to have those transcripts evaluated or translated by an outside agency.

Upon receipt of an application and copies of a student’s academic record (transcript), a preliminary evaluation will be made and a letter of admission suitable for use with Lånekassen (Norway) or CSN (Sweden) will be issued. A report is also created based on the transcript evaluation showing how much credit the student is granted by North Park. Norwegian students should review our specific transfer credit policy that applies to them.

Upon graduation from high schools or other institutions, admitted students must submit directly to North Park their final transcript confirming their graduation. A final review will be completed at North Park when this final transcript is received, confirming the preliminary transcript evaluation.

Scholarships and Grants

All students from Scandinavia are offered a North Park Grant (or scholarship) when they are admitted into studies at North Park. The grant remains constant throughout studies at North Park unless a student moves off campus, in which case the grant is reduced. The grant appears on a student bill as an International Student Grant.

Students may qualify for additional scholarships in music, art, drama, journalism, and media studies based on an audition or an evaluation of submitted materials/portfolio.

Academic Policies and Advising

North Park provides full and complete information about degree requirements through the University Catalog. Students are expected to be familiar and aware of academic and program requirements for the major(s) or program(s) they pursue. The University’s policy for maintaining academic standing is also published in full in the Catalog online. When you enroll, you’ll be assigned an academic advisor in the area of their primary interest, who will assist you in selecting courses and planning your degree program for successful completion.

Students must be enrolled full time (minimum of 12 hours per semester) in order to maintain legal visa status in the United States. Lånekassen requires a Norwegian student to take a minimum of 15 hours per semester to receive full funding.