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International Exchange Students

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Exchange Partners

North Park maintains bilateral exchange agreements with numerous universities around the world and is also a member of the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP).

  • Click here to see our list of Bilateral Exchange Partners.
  • Visit the ISEP website for a list of ISEP Exchange Partners. ISEP students must apply and submit all documents to ISEP through your home university international student office.

Admission Standards

Demonstrated Academic Success and Academic Recommendation

By selecting you and recommending you to North Park as an exchange student, your university has determined your academic record indicates you have the ability to successfully study at North Park University. You do not need to submit a separate recommendation from a professor since your international office has selected you. For advising purposes, we do require a copy of your university transcript in English as a part of the application process.

English Proficiency

Exchange students applying to North Park University must demonstrate their ability to pursue studies the English language by meeting North Park’s English language proficiency requirement. North Park accepts current TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge test scores, and also offers some exceptions for students who have studied previously in English or are from specific countries. Learn more.

Financial Resources

To obtain a U.S. visa, exchange and study abroad students must demonstrate they have funding to pay all costs related to their studies. After you submit the online application for admission, we will send you instructions as to the exact amount you must be able to cover and how to submit documentation of sufficient resources based on the agreement between North Park and your particular institution.

Application Process

  1. Complete the online application, including:
    • The required essay
    • The requirement to submit an academic recommendation is waived
  2. Submit official school transcripts
    • Either in English or accompanied by an English translation
    • North Park reserves the right to require transcripts to be evaluated by a third party professional evaluator
  3. Provide proof of English proficiency
    • This is normally provided by your home institution.
    • Learn more about North Park’s proficiency requirement.
  4. Submit a copy of your passport and of a current U.S. visa (if you have one)
  5. Submit financial resources information after you receive further instructions from North Park’s international admissions team; see details above.

Following Admission

  1. If you’re accepted for admission, you will receive:
    • A letter of acceptance
    • Official notification of your financial responsibilities, based on the agreement between North Park and your home institution
    • The International Student handbook, which you should read and understand
    • A DS-2019 form from North Park University to be used in scheduling a visa appointment
  2. To accept the offer of admission, you must:
  3. Apply for a U.S. visa:
    • You take the first step to apply for a visa by paying the I-901 SEVIS fee online. Instructions will be included in your admission packet.
    • You’ll need to schedule a visa interview at your local American Embassy, allowing at least one week between payment of the I-901 SEVIS fee and the scheduling of your interview.
    • During your interview, you will need to present proof of payment of the I-901 SEVIS fee. You will also need to present other documents during your interview. See the International Student Handbook for details.
  4. Register for classes
    • Registration is open starting in mid-April for the fall semester (August) and in October for students enrolling in the spring semester (January).
    • We will send instructions about registering for classes after you have completed the housing forms.
    • The academic advisor for exchange students is a staff member in the Office of International Affairs.
  5. North Park meets all new international students at O’Hare or Midway airports if we know your arrival schedule. When you confirm arrangements to travel to the United States, complete and submit an International Arrival Form so we know when to expect you and can arrange to meet you at the airport.

After 125 years, we’ve learned how to streamline the process of helping qualified applicants seek admission to North Park and find affordable ways to attend. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on our website, please contact us directly.

If you have questions or need assistance with your application, please contact the Admissions office.

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