Division of Student Engagement

Disability Resources

North Park University seeks to provide an environment and community where each person may develop academically, socially, and spiritually. The University is committed to full inclusion and participation of people with disabilities in all aspects of university life. Support services and reasonable accommodations to aid students with disabilities are coordinated by the Division of Student Engagement and the disability access specialist. The University is also willing to relocate programs, services, or activities and to make events accessible. Read more below about the resources we offer, as well as the responsibilities of students who are requesting accommodations.

Requesting Services as a New Student

As you begin your transition to North Park, you may need to request accommodations or support for a disability. Our disability access specialist will assist in facilitating these services.

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Student Accommodations and Services

Qualified students with disabilities may receive reasonable accommodations that provide greater access to classroom instruction and to academic programs. These accommodations are individualized, flexible, and are based on how your disability may impact you in the academic environment.

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Documentation Requirements

Students with disabilities that are requesting accommodations and services must schedule a meeting with the disability access specialist and/or their program director. You will also be asked to provide documentation of a diagnosed learning disability, attention deficit disorder and/or a neurological, physical, and/or emotional impairment.

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Responsibilities: Students and the University

In order to accommodate and support students in our academic environment, the University and students requesting support must work together to gather the necessary information and develop a plan for support.

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Law and Grievance Policy

North Park University adheres to the law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities. We also offer resources for students on how to deal with a disagreement on accommodations between students and the university.

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Resources for Faculty and Staff

Student Engagement also provides resources for University faculty and staff in working with students who need accommodations and sharing resource information with all students.

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Contact the Disability Access Specialist

Please contact our disability access specialist with any questions or concerns you have about accommodations and support for students with disabilities at North Park.