Students outside the Center for Student Engagement

Division of Student Engagement

Documentation Requirements

When first arriving at North Park, students with disabilities are asked to complete a preliminary survey and submit it to the Division of Student Engagement and set up an appointment with the disability access specialist, ideally before the beginning of their first term.

On an ongoing basis, students with disabilities that are requesting accommodations and services for a class, program, or event, must schedule a meeting with the disability access specialist and/or program director to discuss what assistance they need. Students are asked to provide documentation of a diagnosed learning disability, attention deficit disorder, and/or a neurological, physical, and/or emotional impairment.

During this meeting, students will be asked to describe their disability, past use of accommodations, and/or the disability’s likely impact on their educational experiences. Types of helpful documentation supportive of such requests include medical records, psycho-educational testing, and school records.

If you don’t have copies of this type of information, you are welcome to meet with the disability access specialist to discuss other ways to demonstrate a connection between your condition and any academic barriers you anticipate or are facing.

Documentation can provide a valuable tool for helping North Park University understand how courses, systems, and facilities may present barriers, and for planning strategies, including reasonable accommodations, that facilitate access. The disability access specialist often uses external documentation to augment conversations with students and to support requests for accommodations.

Please note that the University does not provide psychological and/or educational testing.