Student Health and Wellness

Frequently Asked Questions

Counseling is accessible in a few different ways. To request counseling services:

Counseling services are free of charge (it’s included in your tuition).

Counseling is confidential. A student would need to give written permission for any information about attending counseling or the content of sessions to be released to anyone. However, there are situations that are exceptions, including if your counselor determines that you are a probable threat to yourself or someone else. In this instance, the counselor is obligated to share this information with any person(s) who may be able to ensure your safety or that of another person.

Counseling services does not have a waiting list. We are able to accommodate most students’ request for services. If we are unable to accommodate you, we may refer you to off campus services to best meet your needs.

Counseling services are for students with or without a mental health diagnosis. Students come to counseling for support in managing a variety of concerns that may or may not involve a mental health diagnosis.

Counseling Support Services follows a brief counseling model. And, in order to accommodate the number of requests that are received annually for campus counseling services, up to 20 sessions of traditional, scheduled individual counseling are offered for each student for the duration of their time at North Park. Counseling Support Services does offer other services on an unlimited basis, including group counseling services, Let’s Talk drop-in counseling services, as well as case management services to assist students to locate providers in the community for longer term counseling needs.

Full-time and degree-seeking part-time undergraduate, graduate, seminary, and School of Professional Studies students are eligible for counseling services on campus. Part-time non-degree-seeking students are eligible for Case Management services which includes linkage and referral to off-campus support.