Student Health and Wellness


Consultations, available to all students, are a one-time meeting to help to assess and determine students counseling needs and options. The counselor will ask questions intended to understand and clarify concerns and collaborate on next steps to connect the student with best-fit resources on and/or off campus.

Individual counseling, available to all full-time and degree-seeking part-time students, allows an individual to explore concerns with an objective counselor in order to work toward goals established by the student. Counseling Support Services offers brief counseling, up to 20 sessions, and sessions are scheduled for 50 minutes, primarily on a weekly basis. However, the number and frequency of sessions vary and are determined based on student need and counselor recommendation and availability.

Counseling groups are developed to meet the needs of individuals in the student body who are interested in this type of counseling experience. Student interest initiates the development of counseling groups. Group counseling involves regular meetings with a small group of individuals and a counselor. Members work toward understanding and resolving personal concerns in the group context. Groups usually focus on a specific topic and typically meet weekly. The structure of the group may be time-limited or ongoing, depending on its purpose. Group services are available to all North Park students on an unlimited basis.

2023-2024 Groups

Practical Ways to Manage Anxiety

Mondays, 10:30am-11:30am, February 12, 2024-April 15, 2024

Do you have trouble letting go of anxious thoughts? Do you feel worried all the time? You are not alone. Join us and learn skills to combat anxiety and navigate life’s daily stressors while connecting with peers who share similar experiences.


Days and times determined by your group

A variety of mental health topics are available to be presented to your group, including Stress Management, Self-Care, Healthy Relationships, Self-Esteem, or a topic or your choice.

Email for more information or to schedule a workshop for your group:

Case Management, available to all North Park students on an unlimited basis, primarily consists of linkage and referral to off campus counseling as well as to other mental health resources. Referrals to off-campus (including out-of-state) services, those with reduced and/or low fees, and those accessible by public transportation are available. We offer linkage and referral when students prefer off-campus services, when students are in need of more specialized services than we offer, or when students are assessed for long term counseling services. Linkage and referral is also available for locating mental health support services and other mental health resources in the community to supplement campus counseling services.

Let’s Talk is a drop-in counseling service for students that prefer to use unscheduled services rather than traditional scheduled counseling sessions. Students are welcome to drop-in for any counseling-related reason during the drop-in hours. Drop-in hours are hosted at the Health & Counseling offices, 3317 W Foster Ave, a few doors west of the campus postal center, on weekdays 11:00am-12:00pm, when classes are in session. Let’s Talk is not available during the evenings or weekends, or during the summer months.


Counseling Support Services staff works with the campus community to provide education about mental health issues and to promote personal growth and wellness. We are available to provide programs at the request of student groups, staff, and faculty. Counseling Support Services staff also provides Mental Health First Aid training. Counseling Support Services staff posts psychoeducational content and announcements on Instagram @npuhealth.

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