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North Park to Launch Public Policy Major in Fall 2024

North Park University is introducing an interdisciplinary public policy major that will incorporate social sciences, physical sciences, and the humanities.

To create graduates who become changemakers in their communities, North Park University is introducing an interdisciplinary public policy major that will incorporate social sciences, physical sciences, and the humanities.

Public policy programs equip students to create laws, regulations, civic budgets, and other programs that affect average citizens. Longtime North Park professor Dr. Jon Peterson is spearheading the program. The professor of politics and government said the major is perfect for students who want to improve their communities.

“Wherever you want to make a difference, you’re going to run into a government,” Peterson said. “Even if you want to change something through a community organization, you can’t do it without dealing with the government, so it’s vital to learn how the system works.”

The new major will require 36 semester hours of major coursework and 120 total credits for graduation. Course offerings will include American government, an introduction to public policy, and principles of microeconomics, among others. Students will also be strongly encouraged to intern during their studies.

Together, North Park’s Center for Civic Engagement and Politics and Government Department have developed internship partnerships with many organizations, including the offices of U.S. Senators Richard Durbin and Tammy Duckworth, the State of Illinois Governor’s Office, and the City of Chicago Mayor’s Office.

Public policy majors can further tailor their area of study to suit their interests by adding a minor. For instance, students focusing on environmental issues can combine the public policy major with a biology minor. Peterson said the major is flexible and comprehensive in scope, allowing students to work in various fields.

Public policy graduates tend to secure jobs in civil service at all levels of government, from federal to local. Other options include private sector careers at nonprofits and institutions that engage with government agencies and pursuing advanced degrees in public administration, public policy, or law school.

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North Park Joins Community in Providing Much Needed Supplies to New Arrivals

North Park University gave away clothing, blankets, and supplies to more than 225 newly arrived migrants from Mexico and Venezuela who are currently housed in a former military base nearby.

Students, faculty, and staff at North Park University last month gave away clothing, blankets, and supplies to more than 225 newly arrived migrants from Mexico and Venezuela who are currently housed in a former military base nearby.

The 60 volunteers, comprising North Parkers and representatives from the North Park Community Association, Alderman Samantha Nugent’s office, Aramark, and other community groups, collected and distributed the items. They also hosted a lunch for the new arrivals—which included men, women, and children—featuring traditional Latin American food.

North Park held the event in Hamming Hall, and items distributed included coats, shoes, gloves, hats, undergarments, and blankets. Once news of the event spread through the community, people stepped forward to contribute. One local woman, a knitter, heard about the effort on social media and sent a message to her fellow knitters across the country. They responded by providing 500 hand-knit hats for the migrants. A group from Highland Park heard of the event and brought 10 carloads of donated clothing.

Tables and chairs set up in Hamming Hall for the attendees to enjoy a meal together.The event was an apt reflection of North Park’s mission, according to Tony Zamble, director of University Ministries.

“We are preparing students for lives of significance and service,” Zamble said. “Part of our mission is giving students the opportunity to experience the idea of God’s glory for neighbor’s good. These people are our neighbors; it’s a no-brainer that we would be involved.”

So many people donated, Zamble said, that the group hosted a second, smaller-scale event at Peterson Elementary School several days later. Zamble and Vice President for Student Engagement Frank Gaytan said they hope this event is a spark for similar efforts. One idea in discussion is developing student-led English language classes for the migrants.

“We do these things intentionally because it really is who we are,” Gaytan said. “And not just this single event with the migrants, but we want our students to serve all our neighbors, Chicago, and the world. This is who we are.”

In September, the City of Chicago approved the $1.5 million purchase of the former U.S. Marine Corps facility at 3034 W. Foster Ave. to house 500 migrants for up to 60 days each.

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North Park Theological Seminary Dean Dennis Edwards Releases Book on Christian Humility

Rev. Dr. Dennis Edwards has released his much-anticipated book Humility Illuminated: The Biblical Path Back to Christian Character.

Renowned speaker and writer Rev. Dr. Dennis Edwards, dean of North Park Theological Seminary (NPTS), has released his much-anticipated book Humility Illuminated: The Biblical Path Back to Christian Character, which examines the importance of being humble while practicing the Christian faith.

At a book signing hosted by North Park’s Seminary, Edwards met with students, staff, and local pastors and engaged in a question-and-answer session with audience members. He was introduced by Jon Boyd, associate publisher and academic editorial director at InterVarsity Press, which published the book.

“I want to talk about how rare Dennis is,” Boyd said. “He’s a scholar in biblical studies who wants to bring that scholarship to fruition for the church, and that is a beautiful thing. For it to come in book form is a gift.”

In the book, released November 7, Edwards examines America’s obsession with competition and how the drive to be the best creates a society of haves and have-nots that favors the elite. And yet, he writes, some of our greatest innovations have humble roots in immigrant and underserved communities.

“From a biblical perspective, the most remarkable models of godliness emerge from among the lowly. This view from the bottom reveals that humility includes a submissive posture before God as well as a peacemaking posture with other people,” he wrote.

An in-demand speaker and ordained pastor in the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC), Edwards spent October addressing ECC pastor and spouse retreats in four conferences, the Pacific Northwest, Midsouth, Great Lakes, and Southeast. He spoke about the value of humility, arguing it is perhaps the single most distinctive identity marker of followers of Jesus.

In addition to serving as dean of NPTS, Edwards is vice president for church relations and an associate professor of the New Testament. He earned his PhD and Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Catholic University and holds degrees from Cornell University and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. His recent publications include Do Black Lives Matter: How Christian Scriptures Speak to Black Empowerment, co-edited with Lisa Bowens, and Might from the Margins: The Gospel’s Power to Turn the Tables on Injustice.

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NPU Enrolls Third-Largest Class of First-Year Students in History

The large class of first-year students bucks national and statewide trends, which have seen decreases in the number of students enrolling in colleges and universities.

North Park University this fall enrolled its third largest class of first-year students while also seeing its rankings rise significantly in several categories of the U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings, rising 10 spots to #29 among best Regional Universities in the Midwest and to #8 for Top Performers on Social Mobility, up from #15 last year.

The large class of first-year students bucks national and statewide trends, which have seen decreases in the number of students enrolling in colleges and universities.

“For three consecutive years, North Park has successfully welcomed strong incoming classes of first-year students,” said President Mary K. Surridge. “Our elevation in multiple categories of the U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings—especially in measures of increased social mobility for our graduates—affirms the exceptional work being done in our very diverse student community. North Park is a rising regional university fostering an environment of academic excellence, faith development and service opportunities for all our students.”

In its annual ranking, U.S. News & World Report considered 17 measures of academic quality at 1,500 degree-seeking institutions. The magazine also takes into account student satisfaction, attending costs, and campus life in determining its list.

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North Park Rises Nine Spots in Rankings

North Park has significantly moved up the charts in two key categories in the U.S. News & World Report annual rankings.

U.S. News & World Report releases best colleges list.

North Park has significantly moved up the charts in two key categories in the U.S. News & World Report annual rankings. In the 2023 list, North Park was ranked #30 for best Regional Universities in the Midwest, up from #39 last year, and was ranked #8 for Top Performers on Social Mobility in the Midwest, up from #15 last year.

The social mobility ranking means North Park excels at helping students from underprivileged backgrounds enroll in and finish college.

In its annual ranking, U.S. News & World Report considered 17 measures of academic quality at 1,500 degree-seeking institutions. The magazine also takes into account student satisfaction, attending costs, and campus life in determining its rankings.

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North Park Launches Fully Online Master of Arts in Educational Leadership Degree

North Park’s innovative, all-online program leads to a principal endorsement.

Beginning in September, North Park University will offer its Master of Arts in Educational Leadership (MAEL), which leads to a principal endorsement, in a fully online program that provides flexibility while teaching vital skills including relationship building.

The program will be led by Drs. Daniel Walsh and Theresa Alberico-Madl, each highly respected throughout the Chicagoland educational community.

The synchronous online program will be slightly different from the current blended program, which is still in place. But certain key things will remain the same, according to Alberico-Madl.

“We are small enough that we can give each student the attention they need, yet we are experienced enough to share leadership skills and best practices,” Alberico-Madl said. “Because Dan and I mentor beginning principals through the Illinois Principal Association, it allows us to stay relevant and current with issues today’s leaders face.”

Alberico-Madl and Walsh believe the foundational relationships they build will transfer via electronic teaching methods. However, they also recognize the importance of cohorts to build community, and throughout the semester will arrange for several in-person, optional events to maintain that sense of cohesiveness. Courses are designed and scheduled for working educators, with classes meeting once a week on weeknights or Saturdays. Cohorts are scheduled for completion in 24 months. The program helps students acquire the Illinois State Principal Endorsement or Teacher Leader Endorsement (formerly Type 75).

Alberico-Madl said the MAEL is perfect for those individuals who are interested in developing their own leadership skills and pursuing opportunities to make a greater difference in education.

Applicants must have two years of teaching experience and two letters of recommendation. Applications are currently being accepted for the fall.

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North Parker Ivana Chmielewski BS ’18 MS ’23 Named Schweitzer Fellow

North Park University (NPU) nursing alumna Ivana Chmielewski has received a prestigious Schweitzer Fellowship to design and implement innovative projects to address the health needs of underserved Chicago residents.

North Park University (NPU) nursing alumna Ivana Chmielewski has received a prestigious Schweitzer Fellowship to design and implement innovative projects to address the health needs of underserved Chicago residents.

The yearlong program, established by the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship, pairs fellows with existing local organizations to create a project benefiting the community. For her work, Chmielewski will develop a literacy education program with a focus on mental health that will bring nursing resources to immigrants, refugees, minority communities, and unhoused individuals.

“Creating a coalition of resources that are currently unavailable would mitigate the preventable health disparities faced by these disadvantaged groups,” Chmielewski said of the fellowship, which is named for the Nobel laureate and humanitarian. “This also helps to build connections with their community and build trust with healthcare providers.”

In addition to committing 200 hours of service to the fellowship, Chmielewski plans to return to NPU this fall to pursue her Doctor of Nursing Practice. She previously earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing at North Park.

The 2023–24 Schweitzer Fellows include 28 students from 11 schools, 11 disciplines, and 19 academic programs. The class of fellows was selected from a pool of almost 100 applicants through a competitive process.

In addition to her service project, Chmielewski and her peers will also participate in a 13-month program that includes monthly meetings, trainings, and ongoing opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration as well as support from a team of mentors from their schools, project sites, alumni network, and staff.

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North Park Named One of Money Magazine’s Best Colleges in America

Money magazine included North Park University (NPU) in its list of the best in the country, based on graduation rates, tuition, financial aid, and alumni salaries.

Money magazine included North Park University (NPU) in its list of the best in the country, based on graduation rates, tuition, financial aid, and alumni salaries. Unlike other college ranking systems, Money uses a unique rating scale to determine a list of 736 colleges “where your tuition (and time) is likely to pay off,” according to the magazine.

NPU was one of 35 Illinois colleges included in the list, while only a handful of those, including North Park, are in Chicago. Read the full list of colleges here.

“While the underlying methodology is similar to previous years, the new rating system can help families with their college search by highlighting the variety (and diversity) of high-value colleges in the U.S.,” said the article.

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North Park Graduate Named CCIW Women’s Student-Athlete of the Year

North Park University graduate Esther Miller BS ’23 was named women’s student-athlete of the year by the College Conference of Illinois & Wisconsin.

North Park University (NPU) graduate Esther Miller BS ’23 was named women’s student-athlete of the year by the College Conference of Illinois & Wisconsin (CCIW), North Park’s athletic conference within the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Miller participated in four sports during her time at NPU and was also named North Park’s Female Sportsperson of the Year in both 2021 and 2023.

NPU's Esther Miller

Miller represented NPU in basketball, golf, indoor and outdoor track and field. The award was chosen based on input from senior women administrators and faculty athletics representatives within the CCIW. Miller is the first North Park athlete to receive the award.

Miller’s athletic and academic success now put her in the running for the NCAA Woman of the Year award. Read more about Esther Miller and the award at CCIW’s website.

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Congrats to Students on the Spring 2023 Dean’s List

Congratulations to this semester’s Dean’s List students.

North Park is proud to announce the spring 2023 Dean’s List. In order to qualify, students must earn at least 12 semester hours of credit and achieve a GPA of 3.5 or higher for the term. All courses must have been completed.

Congratulations to this semester’s Dean’s List students:

Austriaco, Jonathan D

Azzo, Angelina

Babbo, Maximo Francisco

Banks, John Tyler

Barriga, Angel

Barrios, Giwu Paulo

Bartlett, Robert Larue

Bolivar, Leidy Ximena

Bonto, Trisha Faye

Booker, Darien Joseph

Bragg, Garrett J

Bringman, Erik

Brown, Ameerah S

Bulanhagui, Angelo Elazegui

Bulwa, Adam D

Camacho, Rey Jesus

Cardenas, Citlalli

Chow, Jordan M

Cruz-Gonzalez, Montserrat A

Cudmore, Cedrik N

Dabeca, Jasmina

Dahl, Katherine Johanna

Dahlberg, Lillian Rae

Dervisevic, Mujo

Doughty, Acacia F

Egbebi, Kudus A

Eix, Emily Ellen

Erimia, Stella S

Flo, Isak

Frank, Malka M

Fremouw, Clark John

Friel, Chase K

Gabriel, Kayla E

Garrett, Stark Atticus

Geonanga, Alyssa Louise Hinayan

Gissinger, Olav Kvaale

Gligorevic, Aleksandar

Gordon, Veronica Rose

Gutman, Marli S

Hansson, Josefin Louise

Hearl, Brock Andrew

Herescu, John P

Abonce, Gabriela

Abou Tara, Carol B

Abreu, Rebecca Wilson

Aco, David Michael Feliciano

Aco, Joshua F

Acob, Sherly Serdenia

Adam, Ninos

Adame, Judy Yang

Ademulegun, Olaoluwaposi Ademidun

Adjiwanou, Ornelia Joanita Miwanonvi

Adkinson, Jason Gabriel

Adusei, Precious P

Aedling Ring, Thea Elisabeth

Aguilar, Steve

Aguilos, Kiara Kirsten

Ahlen, Maya

Ahlgren, Emelie Caroline

Ahmad, Iram Bashir

Akinlade, Oluwatofunmi V

Alagar, Teiya Levani

Alanis, Raul Jr

Almendras, Estrella C

Alvarez, Brenda A

Alvarez, Jennifer S

Alvstad, Stella Marta Lois

Alzola, Maria Aranzazu

Amadon, Mary Gretchen

Amarei, Philip Nicholas

Ames, Abigail Grace

Amezcua, Manuel J

Ansari, Sanah B

Aparicio, Jacqueline

Arakaki, Reece Shiro

Ardelean, Bianca

Argiropoulos, Bill John

Arkoub, Wahib

Arroyo, Yenci

Arsenis, Nicole Kristine

Artajo, Matthew R

Ashorian, Lucas

Asp Lundborg, Ruben

Assoofee, Maryam

Attefall, Sarah Hedvig Maria

Atto, Melissa M

Avila, Felix Jesus

Avila, Yareli

Ayala, Joseph Alcaudio

Ayar, Christian K

Ayeski, Kevin James

Back, Agnes Linnea Maria

Baiocchi, Claire Elizabeth

Baithey, Melissa A

Baker, Daniel J

Baker, Eden Claire

Baker, Rebekah Joy

Balestra, Stefania Alessandra

Ball, Sebastian Z

Balmaseda, Abigail Marie

Baumgartner, Nolan P

Bawm, Langjaw Ting

Benares, Ria Lauren

Bergqwist, Anna Linnea

Bergstrand, Clara Emma Frida

Binkley, Erika Wynne

Blan, Karim Alla

Blatchford, Carson Paul

Bogg, Lina Love Mikaelsdotter

Boles, Jiliyn Minhua

Bora, Andrea

Borkeeiet, Angelica

Borst, Liberty Grace

Boudakh, Danielle M

Boudakh, Nicole Teresa

Brammer, Rebecca Ann

Brandt, Love

Brinkmann, Gabriella Carolyn

Broekhuijsen, Friso

Brooks, Daniel Vern

Brown, Cassidy A

Buduan, Jonathan Paolo

Bugge, Maria Elise Calizo

Bullard, Lily Elise

Burkholder, Christian Miles

Bush, Derekmikel’ Devon

Buss, Maggie R

Bustos, Jetzabelle M

Buzdugan, Bogdan Emanuel

Caballero Fiallos, Stephanie Nicole

Cabrera, Vicente Javier

Cafferkey, Edward James

Camargo, Jasmine

Camper, Makenna Caitlin

Capilla Scurto, Lucia

Carter, Caleb

Carter, Maurice Arndell

Castaneda, Joseph Guillermo

Causgrove, Logan Phillip

Cazes, Carla Elsa

Celis, Azary

Chapello, Anthony S

Chase, Amelia R

Chaudhary, Maryam Fatima

Cheney, James Paul

Chhakchhuak, Lalhnehpuia

Chmura, Julia

Choi, Ji Na

Cikmirovic, Seila

Colucci, Jessica Lynn

Condoy, Alejandro Eduardo

Corachea, Eryn Nyl Guillen

Corona, Kaitlyn

Coronel, Fiorela Danely

Crisan, Debora R

Crouch, Abigail E.

Cruz, Desiree Mariah

Cuyun, Abigail Joenna

Damm, Anton

Dao, Frans

Daoud, Andrew George Michael

Daoud, Christin M

Daoud, Christopher Michael

Darrow, Ella Jeannine

De Carro, William Jacob Juhani

De Luca, Joshua Peter

De Luca, Olivia Elizabeth

Dejworek, Michal Jozef

Del Pilar, Alexander

Dero, Benail G

Desilma, Michael

Diaz, Jesse James

Diaz, Karina

Diaz-Santos, Cristian Alexander

Dibra, Enesa

Dickinson, Hannah Lucille

Dinelli, Anthony James

Divito, Alexander Ian

Durakovic, Aila

Duran, Maritza

Duvall, Eva Marguerite

Dvorak, Carter Richard

Dyngeland-Sunden, Anna Felicia

Easterling, Joi A

Eck, Matthew Layne

Efstathiou, Labrene Alexandra

Ekman, Victor

Eriksson, Olivia Rut

Esho, Maryam Nabeel

Espinoza, Marlene

Estevane-Praxedis, Gabriela Jasmine

Estrada Trujillo, Keely Mary

Fasogbon, Ayomide E

Fedosyeyeva, Ivanna

Feely, Bridget Amber

Feliciano, Ariana Yvette

Fiorenza, Cole D

Fitiu, Edward

Flores, Jacob G

Foote, Ava Joy

Fousias, Annamaria S

Futi, Fidelie Ma-Nzambi

Gabriel, Christian Shamoun

Gagen, Madison Ann

Galvan, Alfredo Ventura

Garcia Martinez, Valeria

Garcia, Axel Damian

Garcia, Luis Angel

Garcia, Scarlett E

Garza, Sofia E

Gatta, Christina R

George, Aleena Merry

Geronimo, Julia Alexa

Giannoni, Kristoff Giuseppe

Glanas, Catharina Felicia

Gomez, Amando

Gomez, Sergio J

Gonzalez, Emily

Gonzalez, Samantha

Gorman, Erin Taylor

Green, Justen Thomas James

Grivot Volkmann, Sofia

Guerrero, Sebastian A

Gustafsson, Lisa Johanna Maria

Gutierrez, Alejandro R

Gutierrez, Angel

Gutosic, Lejla

Guzman, Frida T

Guzman, Manuel Alejandro

Haas, Tyler

Habash, David N

Hackney, Claire Elizabeth

Hahn, Lucy Rae

Halilovic, Adis

Hamad, Adam

Hankins, Annalise

Hanna, Jonathan

Hanna, Rudolph B

Harter, Madison Taylor

Haska, Sophia Erika

Hasmonek, Sophia Grace

Hatieganu, Alexandra J

Hayden, Zachary Paul

Haynie, Keaton Lily

Heathcoat, Kaely Jetsia

Heinz, Emilia R

Helm, Teo

Heppner, Grace M

Hernandez, Graciela

Hernandez, Jesus

Hernandez, Mariel Fernanda

Hernandez, Nicole

Hernandez, Ricardo Alexis

Herrera, Darlene

Hiatt, Lillian May Joy

Hibben, Zacchary Michael

Hidalgo, Karl Anthony Taduran

Hill, Quadrell

Himatay, Jenelle Caitlin

Hjelle, Ida Elise

Hoglund, Hans Lars Gunnar

Holkert, Cecilia Elise Kristina

Horton, Charis Alison

Hougen, Kaya D

Howell, Samuel Philip Sabio

Huang, Elaina Meishan

Huang, Weizhen

Huebner, Rhianna Nichelle

Hughes, Dylan A

Hultgaardh, Maerta

Hunjan, Reechard Zorawaar

Hunt, Campbelle C

Hunt, Megan Elizabeth

Huseman, Theodore R

Hussein, Hadeel

Ingerson, Isaac Daniel

Ingrao, Ty Aaron

Invencion, Tristan J

Irizarry, Jonathan David

Isaac, Aniar

Jackson, Samuel Jack

Jacob, Kevin B

Jaffery, Syeda W

Jakubowski-Leon, Wesley Dakota

Jamil, Haris

Janovsky, Rebecca Paulene

Jara, Nick Ivan

Jasko, Kathryn Elizabeth

Javed, Tahira

Jepsen, Riley Donald

Jimenez, Carlos Elijah

Jimenez, Crystal

Johnsamson, Jonah I

Johnson, David Steven

Jones, Jenna Ware

Jubran, Omar Muhammad

Kalamperovic, Dino

Kalantzis, Izabella K

Kalemba, Frank L

Kao, Anne

Karam, Daniella S

Karlsoeen, Sander Andrem

Kass, Samantha Marie

Kawa, Julia Aleksandra

Kayo, Isabelle K

Kazmi, Zainab B

Khan, Zeeshan Amir

Khoshaba, Destiny M

Khoshaba, Faith Eden

Khoshaba, Jonathan

Khoury, Samantha

Kisija, Ilhana

Klein, Emma Jean

Klein, Julia Grace

Kleiner, Michael

Kochanowski, Kinga

Kodial, Jatin Singh

Koraeel, Jennifer

Kozor, Thomas Mitchell

Kromwell, Ubaydullah Hamid

Kruse, Victor Erik

Kuriakose, Christeena

Kyosev, Georgi Georgiev

Lajin, John L

Lamb, Elijah Brennan

Langstaff, Hailey Anne

Lara, Daniela

Lasalle, Emily Lynne

Layeeq, Safah

Le, Huy

Ledezma, Julian

Lenzie, Roy Hazel

Leon Collada, Berta

Lezama, Viviana

Libu, Siya S

Lichter, Aly Ana

Lim, Ellie Catherine

Lima, Crystal Emerald

Lind, Alva Anna Lovisa

Lindberg, Ellen Charlotte

Lisova, Anastasia

Little, Jaclyn Joy

Lopez Fajardo, Briseyda L

Lopez, Arianna Daniela

Lopez, Julian T

Lorenz, Kayla A

Lorica, Zoe Rebekah Emi

Lostetter, Lauren Anne

Lozada, Fernanda Aeri

Lozano, Matthias Domingo

Lucchetto, Gianfranco

Lucero Blancas, Joanna Yaneli

Lunde, Tobias

Lynch, Delaney M

Macam, Kirsten F

Madrid, Frederick Kyle Zafra

Magardician, Moses D

Magno, Mark Jason Pedrola

Malik, Sana

Mangalindan, Shae A

Maniwan, Antonio Jose Mah

Manlongat, Kaitlyn Claire Z.

Maratos, Anna S

Marin Figueroa, Shaira X

Marin, Jessica

Marion, Daniel Steven

Marsano, Alanis F

Martinez, Alexandra C

Martinez, Carlos Antonio

Martinez, Miguel Angel

Martinez, Sa-Lah E

Martini, Alicia

Marty, Samuel

Mazur, Samanta Laura

McEvilly, Mary-Grace Marie

McKinstry, Cade Michael

McKnight, Lauren A

McTighe, Kristiana K

Mejia, Gianluca

Memon, Aayesha Abid

Mendenhall, McKenna L

Mendro, Samantha Marie

Menjivar, Lizbeth A

Mercado, Olivia M

Meza, Enrique Ivan

Miazek, Patrycja Weronika

Mikhail, Gabriela Mary

Mikolajczyk, David Tomasz

Miller, Anna Elise

Miller, Esther Rose

Miller, Gwendolyn Eve

Miller, Hanna Joy

Miller, Jennifer L

Miller, Liam N

Miranda, Dayanni Alexandra

Miron, Nathan Benjamin

Mirzapolis Adeh, Anmary

Mitchell, Trinity Summer

Modi, Dhruv Kirankumar

Moes, Taylor Louise

Molander, Mira Mady

Molek, Dawid

Montelongo, Dana L

Moreno, Madai

Morey, Christian Lee

Morrison, Claudia Rose

Moy, Rebecca L

Mudalige, Ometh Heenkenda

Mujeeb, Amra

Mun, Emily S

Mustafa, Maram Majid

Nang, Takeo Garrett

Nano, Melinda Nichole

Naples, Lilly D

Naseh, Artin

Neborg, Hugo Eric, Benjamin

Nelson, Erik T

Nelson, Lance Christian

Newell, Adrian T

Nguyen, Duong Bao Khang

Nguyen, Matthew Hai

Nguyen, Quynh N

Nguyen, Van

Nichols, Ava Elizabeth

Niemann, Kayla A

Nilsson, Elvira Ingrid Margareta

Nkuku, Ikenna Edward

Nordqvist, Linn Christin

Norrmann, Shakira

Notali, Ishtar M

Nuese, Jackson J

Nunez, Nora Marielena

Nwankwo, Chizolum R

Nystrom, Wilda Maria Isabelle

Nytko, Emily E

Odisho, Anthony G

Ohanes, Brenda

O’Hara, Erin Marie

Okeke, Ijeamaka Venus

Olsson, Klara Kristina Sofia

Olsson, Saga Helena

Ombogo, Jereme C

Oropesa, Helen Isabelle

Owegie, Anita O

Padilla, Brandon Germaine

Palackic, Samir

Palomares, Ciro Mateo

Parker, Ellie Rose Mae

Parker-Fox, Aaliyah P

Parra, Carina

Pasca, Rahela E

Passarelli, Rossella Ada Christina

Patel, Vishal H

Patino, Katie

Patino, Yesenia

Patton, Katherine Marie

Patton, Lydia D

Payne, Parker Reese

Pehlic, Amanda A

Pena-Cisneros, Valeria Nahomi

Perdue, Jaden Brooke

Perez, Gerardo

Perez, Jose

Perez, Jose Manuel

Perruffel, Sophie Isabelle

Perry, Victoria Judaea

Petersen, Victoria T

Pham, Vy Lam Trieu

Philip, Sharan Biju

Pineda, Gabriel Alejandro

Piwowarski, Kevin

Plata, Alexander

Pogue, Julia Renee

Poort, Suzann Olsen

Pop, Sara

Porter, William F

Posada Torres, Alexia Giselle

Powell, Noah Thomas

Prieto, Daniel Robert

Protofanousis, Ana Marianthi

Psyhogios, Nikoletta

Quibell, Lesly Naomi

Ramgren, Evelyn Grace

Ramos, Joaquin Antonio

Rangel Espinosa, Abel B

Rathod, Jaydevsinh Vishnuji

Rayyan, Yasmeen J

Reardon, Emma Alanna

Rebollo, Jasmine

Resendez, Giovanni Rafael

Rex, Eliza R

Reyes Delgado, Wilber

Reynolds Duncan, Saeauna Reynolds

Reynolds, Frida Isabel

Rhea, Isaac Daniel

Richards, Ashley S

Richmond, Abby James

Rickert, Samantha M

Rios-Herrera, Elaiza

Riziki, Georgette

Rizos, Christina M

Robinson, Davante P

Robinson, Samuel Jeffery

Robles, Angie Nicole

Robles, Anthony Alexander

Robles, Yesenia

Rodda, Megan Lee

Rodrigues, Jessica

Rodriguez, Adriana S

Rodriguez, America Belem

Rodriguez, Daniel

Rojas, Kevin G

Roman, Vivianne Mariana

Rotramel, Kayla Marie

Rottman, Annaliese Jenn

Rounseville, Kimberly S

Rude, Caleb J

Rugland, Herman

Ruiz, Erik Julian

Rullander Rudenstam, Felicia Maria

Russ, Shelby Louise

Ryan, James David

Rydberg, Oskar Johan Valur

Rydell, Nils Gustav Vidar

Rzepecki, Elizabeth Anne

Sabovic, Dino

Sadah, Shanna

Saddiqa, Amna

Salgado-Hernandez, Alexandra

Sanchez, Brian

Sanchez, Daniel Junior

Sanchez, Jasmine

Sanchez, Juridia Alondra

Sanchez, Marybeth

Sandoval, Karla Natalie

Sandoval, Selena

Santiago, Jade Symone

Santos, Isabella

Sapolu, Kayla M

Sator, Hanik

Sawyer, Abigail J

Schaffer, Joseph Stephen

Schmidt, Brian Angelo

Schneider, Brett Robert

Schroeder, Aiden Michael

Schuh, Davianna Yasmine

Seignious, David Girma

Self, Griffin K

Sensmeier, Abigail Gove

Serrano, Yaritza

Shaikh, Mariyum Huda Mohammed Salman

Shawel, Sandy Mary

Sheaff, Abigail Ruth

Sheldon, Lindsey M

Sheth, Atiq A

Shimizu, Ami

Shumlansky, Gustaf John

Sia, Erika Rose

Siakavelis, Petros Xrisovalantis

Siddiqui, Hamna I

Sighete, Naomi

Simon, Sharon M

Singh, Manisha

Skog, Matilda Ida

Smolle, Tim Sture

Snyder, Sydney Allison

Soedergaard, Johanna Helena

Soenderland, Aslak

Solgos, Evelea G

Sommerfeld, Nathan Alexander

Sorisho, Stephanie J

Sotelo, Jayla C

Sparlin, Katelyn Rae

Spasic, Tanya Maria

Ssebugwawo, Jordan Nicholas

Stalberg, Marcus Evald Gunnar

Stan, Sara Denisa

Starr, Jacob C

Stramaglio, Nicolett E

Strathman, Josie Lael

Suarez, Jayleen Victoria

Suqi, Leila Luz-Ingrid

Surowka, Alexandra Anne

Svendsen, Moa Elisabet Laerke

Swanlund, Tre Roger

Swanson, Justin Andrew

Sward, Alfred Gustaf

Swedberg, Sofie

Szmigielski, Julia M

Tamo, Katrina

Tamras, Jeania Janet

Tan, Madelyne Angelina

Tauscheck, Megan Lynn

Tegnhed, Anna

Tejera, Michell Paola

Thomas, Anjana S

Thomas, Jonathan Miles

Thomas, Lydia C

Timba, Mandisa

Tinajero, Stephania N

Tkoletz, Kathleen R

Toca, Philemina Frances

Tomuta, Stephanie Emily

Tomy James, Angela

Torres, Arely

Trachtman, Ellie

Tran, Hieu Ha Minh

Tran, Nguyen K

Tveit, Tore

Tvenning, Faith

Ujkashi, Armend

Ujkashi, Lindon

Underwood, Emily K

Uribe, Sebastianas Dainius

Vaaland, Christian Finnesand

Valdes, Thalia

Valentin, Arianna

Van Doorn, Alva Julia Linnea

Vander Ploeg, Madelyn M

Vargas, Denisse

Vargas, Yariliz Teneal

Vassar, Delaney Sloan

Vata, Berna

Vazquez, Itati

Velic, Melisa Na

Ver Beek, Erika F

Vidmo, Alexander Kristoffer

Villarreal, Angelina Y

Vinson, Kate E

Viotoh, Ametepe Jacques

Vitkovsky, Ester

Vogelsburg, Thea H

Vu, Giang Q

Vujic, Ajla

Vukasin, Stefan

Wallin, Rocco Michael

Watt, Marcus D

Wehseler, Morgan Janet

Wennerqvist, Jakob Gustav Victor

Wentzel, Elise Rosalie

West, Amara Jayde

Wester, Marcus Alexander Oliver

Wetzel, Hannah G

Whitmore, Olivia A

Wideman, Claire Elizabeth

Wilburn, Skyler Janice

Williams, Jeffrey F

Williams, Tyleah A

Wilson, Mason A

Wolke, Emma Lissette

Woods, Conner J

Woodward, Cole Douglas

Yahya, Hakham M

Yang, Jason

Yokhanna, Klara S

Yonan, Adam S

Yonkman, Olivia C

Yoon, Mary Suh

Youkhana, Ashley Ann

Youmran, Jamila

Young, James Joseph

Yunan, Marita T

Yuquilima, Erick F

Zaar, Ella Maria Bianca

Zapien, Daniel

Zarco, Daisy

Zepeda, Alejandro

Zethraeus, Hanna

Zhen, Tony

Zhong, Kevin

Zingsheim, Isabelle D

Ziskind, Julian

Zola, Joseph Andrew

Zung, Langjaw Ting

Zuniga, Joselin

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