The Office of Diversity and Intercultural Life

Mission, Vision, and Goals

The Office of Diversity, located on the first floor of Caroline Hall, seeks to maintain a climate that values diversity through programming, outreach, and support for all members. In addition, the Office of Diversity and Intercultural Programs is committed to providing quality events to promote diversity beyond food, fashion, and festivals. The office meets this objective by focusing on the critical components of diversity through campus dialogue forums, academic presentations, and diversity-related workshops and seminars. These events are designed to complement and support the academic mission of the University.

The Collaboratory for Urban and Intercultural Learning

The Collaboratory for Urban and Intercultural Learning works with areas of the university to develop curricular and co-curricular opportunities designed to encourage greater integration of students’ in-class and out-of-class experience. Our students are immersed into a space rich with expressions of faith, culture, and knowledge. We offer conferences, leadership forums, cultural events and community outreach projects that enhance awareness and knowledge in diversity, culture and communication.

Attention is given to a variety of groups, including, but not limited to the Africana, Latin-American, Asian-American and Middle East-American communities. Our programs explore the contemporary urban context, with an effort to include questions regarding justice in the multicultural context and a distinct orientation toward the city of Chicago as a local laboratory. All of Chicago constitutes an exciting and engaging classroom with thousands of teachers and countless learning peers.