North Park University is proud to celebrate our students’ achievements, and to recognize both academic ability and exceptional talent through scholarship funds. Students beginning their studies here in Fall 2014 qualified for up to $20,000 per year in renewable scholarships.

When you apply, we’ll automatically review your eligibility for scholarships, based on your test scores and unweighted GPA. You may also qualify for additional competitive scholarship opportunities, or be interested in talent-based scholarships in areas like art, music, media, or dance. Our student-athletes are eligible for all of these awards as well; as an NCAA Division III school, we cannot offer athletic scholarships.

Please note that scholarship and grant amounts may vary between academic years. The awards that are available during the year that you begin studies at North Park are the award amounts you will receive for the duration of your studies, as long as you maintain eligibility for the awards.

academic scholarships

First-Year Academic Scholarships

These awards are given in recognition of your academic achievement during high school.

Learn more about First-Year Scholarships.

Student who earned a musical talent scholarship

Talent-Based Scholarships

North Park University may award you for your exceptional ability in music, art, theatre, journalism, media production, cheer, or dance. Learn more about talent-based scholarships.

Transfer students

Transfer Academic Scholarships

Students transferring from other colleges may qualify for funding based on prior academic achievement.

Learn more about Transfer Academic Scholarships.

Students performing an experiment for a class

Second Bachelor's Degree Scholarships

Limited scholarships are available to students who come to North Park to complete a second bachelor's degree, including our post-bachelor's medical studies program.

Learn more about Second Bachelor's Degree Scholarships.

outside resources for scholarships

Additional Scholarships Resources

Students are encouraged to explore outside scholarships opportunities from other organizations or through various free scholarship search services. Learn how to get started.