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Financial Aid and Tuition

TheDream.US Scholarship

North Park proudly welcomes Dreamers and encourages eligible students to apply for TheDream.US National Scholarship. As one of 12 partner colleges in Illinois, Dreamers can attend our university using TheDream.US-provided scholarships. For a complete list of eligibility requirements, scholarship application information, and deadlines, visit TheDream.US website.

Once attending North Park, TheDream.US students will meet with their TheDream.US advisor four times a semester and participate in at least one class with fellow Dreamers to support one another.

Steps to Apply

  1. Apply to North Park.
  2. Determine eligibility for the Alternative Application.
  3. Apply for the TheDream.US Scholarship.
  4. Notify North Park Admissions that you have applied for the scholarship.
  5. Inform North Park Admissions if you decide to accept the award.

Financial Aid

North Park strives to offer a quality and affordable education for all students. All of our talent and merit scholarships are open to undocumented students.

While undocumented and DACAmented students are not eligible for federal aid and should not complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the State of Illinois has implemented the Retention of Illinois Students & Equity (RISE) Act. This act allows eligible undocumented and transgender students disqualified from federal financial aid to apply for all state financial aid forms.

The Alternative Application for Illinois Financial Aid provides a pathway for these qualified students to apply for Monetary Award Program (MAP) grants, the state’s most extensive need-based grant program for low-income college students. Students who meet the criteria should apply for the Alternative App-RISE Act annually.

College Guides for Undocumented Students



Your scholarship covers all your tuition and basic student fees for four years if you are a first-time college student or two years if you are a community college graduate. You will also receive a $1,500 annual stipend ($750 per semester) from TheDream.US for housing, books, and other costs.

Provided you follow the steps below, you can take a break in enrollment while keeping your scholarship.

According to the National Scholarship Program Guide, if exceptional circumstances require you to take a term off or to drop all your classes mid-term, you should:

    • Complete The Dream.US Request Form in your ISTS Scholar Portal to take a break in enrollment. Requests will be reviewed and approved or denied within two–three weeks.
    • Notify your scholar advisor and explain the reason for your break in enrollment and the date you will return.
    • Upon your return, meet with your scholar advisor to develop a plan for completing your degree on time (three years if an associate degree; six years if a bachelor’s degree).

*You cannot take off more than two semesters. Your time off will be included in the maximum time you have to use your award.

  • According to the National Scholarship Program Guide, if you fail or drop a course and need to retake it, you will not lose your scholarship or have to reimburse TheDream.US for the costs of the classes. TheDream.US will deduct the amount it paid for that class—which generally depends on the length you were in the course before withdrawing—from your maximum award amount, which means you will have fewer funds available to complete your degree.
  • If your GPA drops below 2.5, you must work with your scholar advisor to develop a plan to improve your GPA. You will lose your scholarship if your cumulative GPA remains below 2.0 for more than one academic year.
  • Many factors affect which opportunities different students can pursue, so make an appointment with your scholar advisor or the Career Development Office to discuss specifics.
  • For students with work authorization through DACA or TPS, there are various on- and off-campus work opportunities, including positions on Handshake but excluding Federal Work Study. Create an account on Handshake and make an appointment with career development to discuss jobs and internships.
  • Students need authorization to work on or off campus; however, there are opportunities for unpaid experiences funded with scholarships and independent contracting opportunities. If you are interested in pursuing this option, make an appointment with career development and your scholar advisor to discuss details.
  • US scholarship recipients can access the Internship Funding Program. This program is unavailable to F-1 visa holders, who can only work as independent contractors if granted a work permit (OPT or SEH).

You will initially have to go through the application process and receive admittance before being able to request a funds transfer. Once you have received admittance, contact your TheDream.US advisor and the partner college advisor to let them know you will request a funds transfer.

We have our Lighthouse Scholarship specifically for first-generation first-year students. Please view the link for further eligibility and inform your admission counselor if you are first-generation.

Preparing for Lives of Significance and Service

“This initiative provides students the opportunity to achieve their academic and career goals and, in turn, benefit society as they become contributing members of the workforce in their communities.”

–President Mary K. Surridge

Contact our TheDream.US Liaison

Gen Rivera
Senior Admission Counselor