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Financial Aid and Tuition


North Park University welcomes students who wish to participate in the Reserve Army Training Corp (ROTC) program. North Park is one of six member schools of the Loyola Rambler Battalion, and our students participate in ROTC alongside students from other colleges and universities while they complete their academic studies on our campus.

Additionally, North Park students can participate in Air Force ROTC at Illinois Institute of Technology. More information about participation in the Air Force program can be found online at AFROTC Detachment 195.

If you enroll at North Park wishing to participate, but before you have been awarded a National ROTC scholarship, you will receive a traditional incoming student financial aid package. Based on your indicated interest, you will receive information from North Park’s Veteran and ROTC Coordinator to get you started on the process of applying and qualifying for an ROTC scholarship.

If, at a later date, you become eligible for an ARMY ROTC scholarship, your financial aid package will be adjusted to reflect this new scholarship. If you are living in campus housing, your tuition and fees will be covered by the ARMY ROTC grant, and North Park will provide an institutional ARMY ROTC housing grant to cover your living costs up to the cost of regular double room and a fifteen-meal plan. The North Park institution ARMY ROTC housing grant replaces any previous institutional financial aid and is calculated after all federal and state grant monies have been applied.

As part of your financial aid package as a participant in the ROTC program, you will need to read and sign the ROTC Contract of Understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ROTC students required to file a FAFSA?

Yes; all ROTC students or students interested in ROTC must file a FAFSA.

I want to join ROTC, but have not been awarded a ROTC scholarship yet. What will my financial aid look like?

Since you will have completed a FAFSA, the Financial Aid Office will issue you a financial aid package based on your Expected Family Contribution and high school or transfer record. This would be the same financial aid package you would receive if you were not interested in ROTC.

What if I don’t have a ROTC scholarship until my second semester at North Park?

Your financial aid will be adjusted in the second semester to reflect your new situation. With a full ROTC scholarship in the second semester, your tuition and fees would be covered by the ARMY, and if you are living in the residence hall, you would be eligible for the North Park institutional ARMY ROTC housing grant to cover up to the cost of regular double room and a fifteen-meal plan. Your first semester costs will be based on your initial financial aid package when you were not receiving a ROTC scholarship.

If for some reason I am no longer participating in ROTC, what happens to my financial aid? If, for any reason, you cease to participate in ROTC, your financial aid package will revert back to the initial package you were offered when you entered North Park, as long as you have met the university’s standards for academic progress.

Contact and More Help

Contact North Park’s veteran coordinator for more information.