Fall leaves on campus

Financial Aid and Tuition

Work Opportunities

Working while at North Park University can be a great way to help pay for college.  You can direct funds to your tuition through payroll deduction or save money for future years of school.


College work-study is a federal, need-based employment program. Need for this is determined by your FAFSA report, and the number of work-study jobs available on campus is limited. Students that are award work-study as part of their financial aid package will be placed in an on-campus job. Payment for this work is bi-weekly for the hours that are worked, so work-study will not appear as a credit on your bill (impacting the balance due). If you choose, you may designate all or a portion of your on-campus job paycheck to be routed directly toward your student account as partial payment of your balance due.

Campus Jobs

Any North Park University student is eligible to apply for non-work-study jobs across campus once they arrive in the fall. Campus jobs may include office work, serving at the front desk of a dorm or campus building, working as a lab or class assistant for a professor, or a wide range of other tasks. Job notices will be posted in student announcements, on boards across campus, and on the Student Employment website (student login is required to access job postings).

Chicago Work Opportunities

One of the many advantages of being a student in Chicago is having access to work (as well as internship and volunteer) opportunities available in the city. Our campus is within walking distance of a variety of organizations and businesses, and our proximity to public transportation allows students to take advantage of all that our work class city has to offer.