The Evangelical Covenant Church

North Park was founded in 1891 by the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC), a rapidly growing, multi-ethnic denomination with over 800 congregations in the United States and Canada, as well as ministries on five continents.

Formed in 1885 by Swedish immigrants, the Evangelical Covenant Church seeks to form and nurture communities and individuals who are deeply committed to Jesus Christ and passionately engaged in Christ’s mission in the world. The church's missional identity is characterized by these values:

  • The Bible is the Word of God, and the only perfect rule for faith, doctrine and conduct
  • The necessity of new birth
  • A commitment to the whole mission of the church
  • The church as a fellowship of believers
  • A conscious dependence on the Holy Spirit
  • The reality of freedom in Christ

North Park Theological Seminary is a key connection between the University and the wider church; it is the only seminary of the ECC. The Seminary’s commitment to preparing women and men for competent, faithful service in a variety of ministry contexts reflects the mission and values of the ECC. Academic study is informed by practical engagement of faith, ethics, and values; seminarians participate in our vibrant campus and urban communities as they explore their calls to serve around the world. However, the mission and values of the denomination also lead us to a Christian identity that welcomes students of all backgrounds into the discussion.

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