Undergraduate Programs

We’re currently accepting nominations for our 2020 application cycle.

Nominate potential WA’s (yourself included!) by emailing names to Jenny Ingersoll at jzingersoll@northpark.edu. We’ll email official nominations in January 2020 and begin accepting applications in late February 2020.

Students who are professional, possess effective interpersonal skills, and have strong (not necessarily perfect) writing skills make the best nominees. Our strength as a Writing Center comes from seeking potential WA’s of all races, identities, and backgrounds. Applicants who successfully completed WRIT 1000 in the fall are welcome to apply; after a successful interview, employment is contingent on submitting a final CORE 1000 grade of C or better.

Explore our Frequently Asked Questions so you can decide if being a WA is a good fit for you. We prefer that WA’s work for at least 2 semesters after taking the WRIT 2100 WA training course Fall 2020, so application is limited to students graduating December 2021 or later. Find detailed application instructions at the bottom.

What do WA’s do?

Advise writing students. As a new WA, you’ll hold scheduled writing conferences with 8 student advisees from one course. You’ll meet each advisee 3 times over the term, each time discussing one of their 3 course essays.

Work drop-in hours. Each WA is also expected to work at least 2 hours per week in our drop-in advising space in Brandel Library, where students can come for unscheduled writing support.

Complete WRIT 2100, Tutoring Writing. All new WA’s are required to take this 2-semester-hour course that will introduce you to Writing Center theory and teach you tutoring best practices. You may elect to take this course for 0, 1, or 2 semester hours.

Attend monthly general meetings. There’s free food, and they’ll apprise you of vital policies, professional development, and fun Writing Center opportunities.

Attend at least 1 start-of-term meeting with your assigned instructor(s). You’ll be WAing their course, and learning the instructor’s essay due dates and expectations up front is key to successfully assisting your advisees.

Maintain open communication with instructors. Frequent communication with your assigned instructor(s) ensures you stay on the same page.

What does an effective WA look like?

Effective WA’s are professional; North Park students, faculty, and Writing Center staff depend on them to keep appointments and manage time effectively. They should be strong communicators, comfortable emailing professors and verbally explaining feedback to advisees. They should also have strong writing skills, although these need not be perfect. We expect WA’s to grow as writers and tutors during their time working for the Writing Center, and it’s important for students to work with WA’s that look like them. We welcome diverse applicants from all of North Park’s programs and majors, and value those who have completed COMPASS and/or WRIT 1000.

Applicants should earn a C or better in CORE 1000. For applicants who took WRIT 1000 in the Fall and are still in CORE 1000 in Spring, please submit WRIT 1000 grades and current CORE 1000 grades. Employment is contingent on submitting a final CORE 1000 grade of C or better.

See this Venn diagram created by our WA’s for more skills good WA’s should possess.

What’s my time obligation?

On most weeks, you’ll only work your minimum 2 drop-in hours. On the weeks you conference with your advisees, new WA’s should budget 10–12 hours. WA’s can also volunteer to work on other special projects.

That sounds demanding. Why should I become a WA?

WA’s earn $10.50/hour, develop their advising, writing, and leadership skills, have fun helping others. Every WA who is an active part of the Writing Center community can expect a glowing letter of recommendation for future schooling or employment. Few universities entrust this much responsibility to undergraduates—your future employers and graduate school admission committees will be impressed by the skills you gain here.

I’m convinced! How do I apply?

You DO NOT need a nomination to apply. By the 2020 deadline (TBA), please submit a complete application including all of the below components:

  • Cover sheet, filled out and on top of your application materials (hard copies available in the Writing Center)
  • Cover letter, explaining why you’d be a strong fit for this position
  • Resume
  • Letter of recommendation written by a North Park faculty member (This is different from a faculty nomination; click here to learn what a LOR is, and how to request one.)
  • Writing sample that demonstrates your writing skills
  • Informal transcript (printed or a screenshot from WebAdvisor)

Either drop off or email your materials as one document, not multiple Word Docs/PDFs to

Jenny Ingersoll: jzingersoll@northpark.edu, Brandel 114

What happens after I apply?

After we receive and review applications, we’ll contact applicants to schedule 30-minute interviews with a panel of interviewers.

Help! I still have questions.

Contact the Writing Center, or stop by and speak with the WA’s on duty.

Thanks for considering us, and we hope to hear from you soon!