COVID-19 Campus Education


COVID-19: Returning to Campus Safely

Campus Education Resource List

The Campus Reopening Task Force’s Risk Mitigation Team has developed four training modules to educate the community on the ways we can protect ourselves and each other while safely reopening our campus.

We strongly encourage everyone to complete all four modules before your campus return date, so you will know what to expect and we can answer any questions you might have.

After completing the four training modules, you will:

  • Know the guiding principles and planning scenarios for reopening campus.
  • Understand the new protocols that will be the expected behavioral norm to maximize health and safety on campus.
  • Understand that reducing the risk of viral infection is a responsibility shared by every member of our campus community.

Please complete this training before your campus return date — and then sign The Viking Shield.

Introduction to Campus Education Modules

Module 1: Understanding COVID-19

Resources in Module 1

Module 2: North Park’s Risk Mitigation Strategies and Community Shared Responsibility

Resources in Module 2