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Campus Services

Office of Campus Security

The Office of Campus Security works to provide a safe and stable learning environment for North Park’s students and employees. Building on years of public and private experience, Campus Security works with departments across the University to maintain the day-to-day security, as well as looks for ways to enhance safety measures within North Park and in the surrounding community.

Contact Campus Security

  • Campus emergencies: Dial 9-1-1 first, then (773) 244-5600
  • General (non-emergency) questions: (773) 244-5600
  • Director’s office: (773) 244-5222

Email Campus Security

Director of Safety and Auxiliary Services

Director of Safety and Auxiliary Services at North Park, Elman McClain has over 35 years of experience in safety, security, emergency, and risk management in campus settings. Elman’s most recent position before North Park was the Director of Public Safety at the College of Southern Idaho where he led a team of 14 officers and staff. Prior to his experience at the College of Southern Idaho, most of Elman’s experience was with colleges in the Seattle, Washington area. Elman has an Associate in Applied Art & Science degree in administration of justice from Clark College.

Security Officers

North Park Security Officers are active and former career law enforcement personnel from local police agencies. They patrol the campus 24 hours each day, 365 days per year, have the authority to stop, detain, and question anyone suspected of committing a criminal offense on campus. Because they are law enforcement professionals, our security officers have power of arrest and they are armed. Security officers enforce all rules and regulations of the institution.

Thanks to their law enforcement training and background, North Park security officers have a close working relationship with state and local Chicago law enforcement agencies, especially Chicago’s 17th Police District. These agencies are responsive to North Park’s security needs and readily provide additional support when requested. Many of our officers are assigned to the local jurisdiction and are, on a daily basis, aware of any criminal activity in the area and of the actions of the local police. The local police commander takes an active interest in our campus and meets annually with administrators and the director of security to discuss security issues of mutual concern. We are fortunate to able to coordinate our efforts with the Chicago Police Department.

In the case of a criminal incident, security personnel will:

  • Respond to the incident as required
  • Investigate the incident and prepare a North Park Security Incident Report
  • Contact the local police agency and have an official police report prepared
  • Summon additional support from the local police agency if needed
  • Contact the local police agency for support in any follow-up investigation