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SBNM Invites You to Attend Our Annual Networking Dinner!

The School of Business and Nonprofit Management's Annual Networking Dinner (formally known as Crystal Ball) will take place at 6:00 pm Friday, February 5, at Monastero's Restaurant located at 3935 W. Devon Ave., Chicago, IL. This dinner is an opportunity to meet and mingle with graduate students, SBNM faculty, alumni, and the SBNM Advisory Board members. Join us for our annual event to connect with people working in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors and to build your list of contacts and collaborators!

This year, we are excited to feature a panel of SBNM Advisory Board members and alumni to discuss how networking has helped them succeed in their careers, the strategies to use to build a base of strong contacts, and how networking has allowed them to remain valuable and marketable in their field.

Tickets: $35.00/person

Register here!

Questions? Contact Katie Houlding-Swanson (773) 244-6270 or khoulding@northpark.edu

Take the Information Technology Course in Spring A and Help Your Organization Move Ahead!

We are excited to offer SBNM 5450: Information Technology online in Spring Quad A. As organizations seek to build robust IT systems to serve their clients and take a “deep dive” into the data, more employees are required to understand the alignment of technology systems across their organization and how to use the information to support their work. Looking toward the future, it will be critical for employees to have a solid understanding of the strategic uses of IT in order to be marketable and valuable to their organization. This course will help students understand how IT affects organizational strategy, cybersecurity, e-business, and resource allocation for IT purposes. SBNM 5450 is an elective option for all students and counts towards the newly revamped Certificate in Operations Management. The course is only offered once a year—if you're interested in learning about the quickly changing world of information technology and its use in the global environment, consider this course for the upcoming quad!

SBNM International Experience 2016: Costa Rica

The destination for the 2016 SBNM International Experience is Costa Rica, a leader in corporate ecology and a growing part of the Central and South American economies. During the trip, students will examine the opportunities and challenges of doing business in Costa Rica, and evaluate how Costa Rica’s focus on ecology impacts the country’s politics, economic policies, and social fabric. Further, they will explore Costa Rica’s history and culture and how they shape—and are shaped by—the country’s business, economic, and political environments.

Master of Organizational Leadership Degree to Launch in Fall 2015

Drawing on North Park University’s long history of preparing its students to become effective leaders in their careers and communities, the School of Business and Nonprofit Management is rising to meet that need with a new master of organizational leadership, launching in Fall 2015. Designed for senior executives and entry-level employees alike, the program combines leadership theory, ethics, and the advanced skills necessary to prepare students to become effective leaders in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Read More

Thanking Our Educational Partners

Each term SBNM students are assigned project/papers that involve the organizations (business and nonprofit) where they work or volunteer. Individuals from those organizations who answers questions, provide written materials or other assistance are truly our educational partners.

If you are a graduate student who may have worked with various individuals (educational partners) in order to obtain information for various projects and papers, we would like to thank them. If you would like SBNM to do so, please fill out our Educational Partnership Letter and return the letter to SBNM.

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SBNM Graduate Information Sessions

For prospective students who reside in the Chicago area, information sessions are an excellent way to explore the campus and meet face-to-face with faculty and staff. Information sessions are held at each of our campus locations, including Chicago and Grayslake. An information session typically lasts 60-90 minutes and is an excellent way to:

  • Learn about North Park degree and certificate programs, including information about admissions and financial aid
  • Have the opportunity to meet faculty to discuss your career and how it can be supported through our programs
  • Tour the campus and have an opportunity to ask as many questions as you wish

Get all the information you need to get started at one of our upcoming information sessions. You still have time to apply and begin coursework this year.

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