Anderson Hall

Anderson Hall is known for its friendly, social atmosphere and strong sense of community. Anderson's cylindrical shape arguably makes it the easiest building to describe at North Park. The hall is located on the south side of campus adjacent to the Magnuson Campus Center and across from the cafeteria and Burgh Hall. In the fall of 2012 Anderson became a co-ed dorm, with updated furniture and building security.


  • The entryway desk is staffed 24 hours a day for security.
  • A common lounge offers students a comfortable place to gather, with a large-screen television, DVD player, and cable.
  • The ground floor also has a bike storage room, vending machines, and a kitchenette with a stove and freezer for all residents to use.
  • A study room is located on the ground floor, with PC's, printers, and large tables.
  • An elevator and two stairwells provide access to all floors.

Living Floors

  • Each of six floors have 20 student rooms, with space for 228 residents, and a floor RA.
  • Each floor has two bathrooms with stall showers.
  • Each floor has two washers and dryers (paid with quarters) and a small lounge area.
  • Recycling containers are available on each floor

Meal Plan

A meal plan is required for all students living in dorms. Learn more about meal plan pricing and options.

Room Measurements and Furniture

Because of its round building shape, Anderson rooms are shaped like pieces of a pie. Summer updating to this residence hall will change the layout of each room, but the room size won't change.

Each double occupancy room will come equipped with two beds, two desks, and two closets.


Living Area



Double 16.5' by 11.5'
Twin XL 4' wide by 6.5' tall
Single 13' by 10'
Twin XL 4' wide by 6.5' tall

Take a Closer Look

Want to see more of Anderson Hall? Check out the photo gallery with interior pictures, including some great ways students have gotten creative with their decorating skills.

Anderson Hall Leadership

Andrew Trein Anderson Hall DirectorThe Resident Director (RD) in Anderson Hall is Andrew Trein. As the RD, Andrew lives in an apartment on the main floor of Anderson Hall and supervises the Resident Assistant (RA) staff. All of North Park's RDs are passionate about building connections with students and fostering community in on-campus housing.

Next Steps

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Anderson Hall