Residence Life and Housing

Undergraduate Apartments and Houses

Get a strong taste of independence and exercise your creative, college-budget-decorating skills in North Park’s on-campus apartments and houses. These unfurnished abodes are in the heart of campus, with easy access to community activity and are in high demand.

Campus Apartments and Houses

The university owns a variety of houses and apartment buildings used for campus housing in the surrounding neighborhood.

Small and Large Group Living

All apartments are 1–4 person occupancies (one gender per apartment), and houses are all 3–5 person occupancies (one gender per house). Students can select who their roommates will be when applying for these residences.

Bring Your Personality

All houses and triple-occupancy Carmen Apartments (3216–18, 3222–24, 3226–28 W. Carmen Ave) are unfurnished (other than beds and large kitchen appliances), giving students the opportunity to bring their own style and personality to their living space.

The single and double-occupancy apartments in the Lund Apartments and Carmen Apartments are furnished with beds, desks, desk chairs, bookshelves, and dressers.

Make Your Own Meals

The majority of apartment and house residents choose to prepare their own meals with their roommates, and only eat in the dining hall occasionally.

Indoor/Outdoor Living

Most residences offer some outdoor space, whether it’s a back porch or stairwell landing, or a full yard.

Ample Living Space

Many campus houses have ample living space to create peaceful study corners, well-lit lounges, or a breakfast nook.

Classic Features

Many of the North Park residences were once private homes and apartments, and we’ve retained many of their classic architectural features.

Modern and Updated

Wherever possible, we’ve updated appliances and finishes to provide a high-quality, modern living experience for students.

Unique Spaces

Thanks to both architecture and student creativity, no two campus residences are exactly alike, and the possibilities for personalization are endless.

Quick Facts

  • Upper-level men and women
  • 97 apartments in Carmen Apartments, single- to 4-person occupancy in each
  • 44 apartments in Lunds Apartments, single- to double-occupancy in each
  • 10 houses, 3- to 5-person occupancy in each
  • Resident Assistant throughout the buildings
  • Area Coordinator shared with Ohlson House, Carmen Apartments, and all Houses
  • Area Coordinator shared with Anderson Hall, Lunds Apartments, and Park North
  • Carmen apartments are on W. Carmen Ave, while the houses are located on W. Carmen Ave, N. Spaulding Ave, and N. Sawyer Ave.
  • Lund Apartments are located at the intersection of N. Spaulding Ave. and W. Argyle Ave.
  • Houses and triple-occupancy Carmen Apartments furnished only with beds, stoves, and refrigerators
  • Single- and double-occupancy Carmen Apartments furnished with dorm-style furniture
  • Lunds Apartments fully furnished with dorm-style furniture
  • Some require shared bedrooms
  • Each has its own kitchen, bathroom, living area, and bedroom(s)
  • Building entries secured by electronic lock and apartment keys
  • Laundry rooms in the basement of buildings

Please note that no dressers, desks, or other furnishings are provided in triple-occupancy Carmen apartments and houses. Our students are up to the challenge of personalizing their living spaces, and no two are the same!

Meal Plan

Although many apartment residents opt to prepare meals in their kitchens, they are welcome to purchase a meal plan or a punch card through Campus Dining Hall. In addition, all in campus-owned apartments and houses have the benefit of two meals per week in the dining hall included in their housing fees.

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