Things to Do Next

Congratulations on your admission and welcome to North Park University! The 10 items below will help guide you through your transition so you can get a smooth start to your first semester as a Viking. The list is laid out step-by-step; you can start at the top as soon as you receive your acceptance letter, and some items must be completed before others can be started. Don't hesitate to talk to your recruiter if anything is confusing or you need more information about a step.

Before you get started, though, we want you to meet your future classmates. Join our Facebook group exclusively for this year's admitted students to learn more about North Park, ask questions about the steps below, and make some new friends before you even get to campus.

1. Activate Your North Park Network Account

This is the first thing you need to do after you’re admitted to North Park University. Your network account is automatically created after you're accepted, but you must confirm its activation so you can pay your tuition and housing deposits, register for classes, and access other campus resources.

To activate your account, have your new student ID number handy and head over to our account management web page.

(Your student ID number is located on your acceptance letter and sent to you via email shortly after you are accepted to the University.)

2. Pay Your Tuition Deposit

Your tuition deposit confirms your intention to enroll at North Park University, and it is a credit toward your first semester bill. Get all the details you need.

3. Apply for Financial Aid

Need-based financial aid, including student loans, requires the completion of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The 2014–2015 FAFSA will be available starting January 1, 2014. We recommend that Illinois residents file no later than February 1 to ensure eligibility for the Illinois Map Grant. All students can file their FAFSA online.

We begin sending financial aid packages to admitted students in March. We can only send your package after we receive your report from the FAFSA processing center or you indicate to us that you will not be filing a FAFSA. Make sure you read all of the information included with your financial aid package. You can get more information online, or contact us in the Admissions Office if you have any questions.

4. Register for Classes

After you have paid your tuition deposit, you are eligible to register for classes. Beginning in mid-April (for the fall semester) or early November (for the spring), registration information will be sent to all eligible students. Classes fill up quickly, so complete the online registration inventory early to make sure you are placed in your first-choice selections. Learn more.

5. Arrange Your Housing and Commuting Options

We are excited to have you join the North Park community. We need to know if you plan to live on campus or if you are an eligible commuter student. Review the guidelines and then select and complete either the online housing deposit and application or the commuter application. You can submit the housing deposit as early as you wish, but the application may not be available until later in the spring (for Fall admission) and you will not receive a housing assignment until after you register for classes. Learn more.

6. Provide Proof of Insurance or Elect the University's Policy

North Park requires all full-time undergraduate students (registered for 12 credit hours or more) to be covered by a health insurance policy. All students are automatically billed for this policy, unless they provide proof of their own insurance. If you are beginning classes in Fall 2014, you can submit your insurance waiver online beginning June 1, 2014.

7. Pay Your First Bill

North Park mails your first fall semester bill around July 1, and sends spring semester bills in early December. Students must pay their bills in full, or have an approved payment plan in place with Student Administrative Services, by the following deadlines:

  • Fall Semester (August start): August 8, 2014

You cannot register for your second semester of classes until your first semester bill is settled (either paid in full or current in an approved payment plan). You can view and make payments on your bill online through Web Advisor (use your North Park network account to log in).

8. Submit Your Immunization/Medical Information

After you have paid your tuition deposit, you'll receive a healthcare form that you must complete and return to the University. This is due each year by July 15 (for the fall semester) or December 15 (for the spring).

If you are participating on one our intercollegiate athletic teams, please complete the pre-participation packet.

9. Complete the AlcoholEdu for College Program

To provide you with important information to keep you safe and healthy at North Park University, we require all incoming undergraduate students to complete a special online program called AlcoholEdu for College. This course will empower you to make informed decisions about alcohol and prepare you to better cope with the drinking behavior of your peers. Both you and your parents will receive a letter from our dean of students about this program.

This program is completely confidential and must be completed during July or August. It will take between two and three hours to complete, so be sure to plan ahead. Learn more.

10. Read the Student Handbook

All members of North Park’s community have rights and responsibilities. Make sure you know what is expected of you as a student—you’ll be held accountable to the standards laid out in the Student Handbook and University Catalog. Learn more.

Next Steps for New Students

Visit Grant

Visit our campus between January 26 and May 1, 2014, to qualify for a special grant if you enroll as a new student in Fall 2014. Learn more.