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Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Beginning on your first day of classes at North Park University, your educational records here are protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Release of your educational records is not allowed without your written consent, including to parents and family members. Examples of educational records include, but are not limited to, your telephone listing, grades, student billing, financial aid award, discipline records, and medical treatment records.

For example, throughout the summer, you parent can still discuss your bill or financial aid package directly with a member of North Park’s staff without needing your express written consent. But on the first day of classes, those conversations are no longer allowed unless you have take the steps to provide allow them access to your records.

Before you arrive to campus, you should discuss privacy expectations with your family, including how you and your family will handle bill payment, access to your student records and information, and what you would like to have happen in the case of an emergency.

If you wish to allow educational records and information to be released to a parent, guardian, or third party please, complete the FERPA Release form and return it either via fax to (773) 634-4051 or mail to:

North Park University
3225 W. Foster Ave., Box 9
Chicago, IL 60625

You can authorize any individual you choose, and will provide a four-digit code they will use to verify their identity when calling for information. Information may not be immediately available when requested by a family member or third party, based on the access University officials have to your signed student release form. If necessary, the official will schedule a follow-up call or meeting so that information protection and release procedures may be followed.

Download the FERPA Release form.