Residence Life and Housing

Housing Policy

On-Campus Housing Requirement

North Park University values the entire undergraduate student experience, which includes a student’s on-campus residential experience. Students who live on campus are often more successful academically, are more involved in the campus community, and are able to take full advantage of campus resources. North Park’s campus housing requirement is designed to promote the benefits of an on-campus residential experience:

  • All first-year/freshman (0–29 credits), second-year/sophomore (30–59 credits), and third-year/junior (60–89 credits) students are required to live in Campus Housing
  • Exceptions to this requirement include:
    • Commuter students – those who are commuting from their primary residence, within 30 miles of campus, where they live with parent(s) or legal guardian(s)
    • Students registered for less than 12 credits
    • Students with fourth-year/senior status (90+ credits)
    • Students who are 21 years of age (or older) prior to August 1 of the academic year
    • Students not meeting the exemption above, but who wish to live off campus, must write a letter of appeal and receive approval from the Director of Residence Life and Housing

Non-Compliance: Any student who does not meet the exceptions to the Campus Housing Requirement, and has determined to live off-campus, will be assessed a $1,125 non-compliance fee for each semester he/she is not in compliance. In addition, the student’s financial aid may be reduced by not living on-campus (see below).

On-Campus student residences are not available for:

  • Graduate students
  • Part-time undergraduate students
  • Students who are married and/or have children
  • SPS undergraduate students

Students who do not qualify for undergraduate on-campus housing may inquire about housing through Graduate Student Housing. Learn more about Graduate Student Housing.

For more details on the Campus Housing Requirements, please see the University Housing Agreement Terms and Conditions. The University reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the University Housing Agreement pertaining to any subsequent semesters not covered by the Agreement.

North Park University Financial Aid and Housing Information

If a portion of a student’s institutional need-based financial aid was awarded because the student was expected to live on-campus, and the student does not live on-campus, the student’s financial aid will be reduced up to $2500 a year.