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Wednesday, August 15 – Thursday, August 23

COMPASS is an intensive nine-day program that helps first-year students prepare for the academic and social challenges of college and adjust to life on campus.

  • Academics – The COMPASS program guides you through the course-selection and degree-planning process and introduces you to the support services available at North Park.
  • Awareness – COMPASS strengthens cultural awareness on campus, promotes the exchange of ideas and experiences, and encourages students to appreciate the cultural tapestry of our world.
  • Assessment – COMPASS helps you assess your skills, interests, and values.

Through the course of COMPASS, you will get a smooth start to your North Park education in many ways:

  • Receive two semester hours of university credit towards graduation
  • Understand the academic expectations of college-level work
  • Utilize institutional resources that will help to you achieve your learning, community formation, and personal development goals
  • Initiate and maintain relationships with your peers that will provide academic and social support
  • Develop multicultural awareness by learning about, seeking deeper understanding of, and interacting with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds

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Arrival Information

COMPASS move-in will be Wednesday, August 15 at 2pm.   Students should check-in the Johnson Center prior to move-in. Students are required to live on campus during the nine days of COMPASS.


For more information and or assistance in registering for COMPASS, contact the Office of Student Engagement by email or by phone at (773) 244-5737. If your participation in COMPASS is a requirement of your admission to North Park University, please note that your course selection for your first semester will not be processed until your COMPASS registration is complete.