Undergraduate Programs

Information Technology Minor

Information technology (IT) revolutionizes how businesses work, governments function, and people all over the world perform tasks from grocery shopping to watching television to communicating with others. The field continues to grow and change; IT professionals are skilled individuals, able to learn quickly and apply the correct mathematical principles to complex and evolving problems.

Why Choose North Park?

“Computer science means a lot of things,” says Professor Alan Iliff, the program director for the information technology minor, referring to the wide range of jobs held by IT professionals. In some organizations, computer scientists are developing complex programming for proprietary software; in others, the IT staff is focused on maintaining networks and hardware for employee productivity.

North Park’s program will prepare you with the foundational knowledge you need to take computer science in a number of directions, from programming and computer architecture to data structure and networking. You’ll be able to learn on your feet and problem solve effectively, keeping up with the latest developments and innovations so you can successfully complete industry-standard professional certifications as you advance in the field.

Minor Requirements

To meet the requirements for the IT minor, students must complete 20 semester hours of courses. This minor is not a standalone program; students must complete a full undergraduate major at North Park in order to graduate from the University.

Full program requirements

Meet the Faculty

For more than three decades, Alan Iliff has enjoyed teaching mathematics and computer science at North Park, with small classes that allow him to work closely with students.

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