Undergraduate Programs

Pre-Health Professions Boot Camp

Pre-Health Professions Boot Camp is offered as a 2.0 credit course during the fall semester for incoming first-year students interested in health professions. Study will include classroom instruction, interactions with professors, and exploration of healthcare fields through community-based events. Students will have the opportunity to discover traditional and new careers in the Health Professions industry through a multi-faceted educational approach that includes hands-on learning that will prepare the scholar for the expectations of North Park and graduate level schooling.

Course Objectives

  • Introduce and explore the diversity of healthcare professions
  • Provide two semester hours of academic credit
  • Highlight personal interests as related to the field of health services
  • Begin preparation for post-graduate work
  • Teach academic skills such as time management, study skills and test taking strategies
  • Prepare students for academic rigor within the sciences

Program Curriculum

Students’ classroom experiences will include mini-lectures from professors in healthcare-related majors and guest speakers who work in the health professions. Assignments will be given to assist in exploration of the course as it relates to the field of health care. Out of class experiences are designed to supplement classroom learning.

Classroom Experience

  • Hands-on experience with human cadavers
  • Exploration of major themes in health care
  • Focus on team and inter-professional communication across the professional spectrum
  • Analysis of community-based healthcare in an urban setting
  • Discussion of the health care delivery system in the Unites States

Outside of the Classroom Experience

  • Students will hear from an upper-level science major as a mentor (Allows participants to get answers to questions about college from a student’s perspective)
  • Visit some of Chicago’s centers for science and learning
  • Networking with North Park Alumni in the Healthcare Industry

Course Details

Incoming first-year students must apply for acceptance into the course using the link below. Students will be notified of their acceptance decision.

The course will be held Mondays and Fridays from 10:30-11:30 and various Wednesday afternoons throughout the semester for off-campus site visits and clinics.


For more information, contact the Office of Student Engagement by email or by phone at (773) 244-5737 or Kristine Aronsson, Director of Advising for Advanced Education in the Health Professions at karonsson@northpark.edu or (773) 244-5200.